The Rawknee Games Free Fire ID, Lifetime Stats, K/D Ratio, UID Number, Name, and More!


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The Rawknee Games’ Free Fire ID 

RawKnee Games is one of the most popular content creators from India. His real name is Ronodeep Dasgupta and the name of his YouTube channel is ‘The Rawknee Games’. With the ban on PUBG Mobile, more players are exploring Free Fire. With the game compatible even with lower-end devices, it gaining more and more new players every day. So it has encouraged more YouTubers to stream and create content on Free Fire. RawKnee Games is one among them. 

The Rawknee Games’ Free Fire UID Number

The Rawknee Games’ Free Fire ID Free Fire ID is 11817323 and his in-game name is ‘The RawKnee’. He is quite talented as a player and frequently uploads videos of his gameplay. His YouTube channel has more than a million subscribers which substantiate his skill. Many are curious to know about his stats to compare them with other players and their stats. Luckily, we have compiled them for you. Read on to get all his stats.

The Rawknee Games’ Free Fire Lifetime Stats

RawKnee Games has not played any squad games so far and he has not unlocked the ranked game mode yet. He has played 5 duo matches and won 3 of them. His win rate in this mode is 60% and has 12 kills which give him a K/D of 6.00. He has also played in 13 solo games and has won one game. His win percentage is 7.6% and has 16 kills which give him a K/D of 1.33.

The Rawknee Games’ Free Fire ID Squad Stats

So far RawKnee has only played on 1 Clash Squad Match and he has won it. He killed three enemies in that game and his K/D stands at 0.75.

(Note: The stats in this article were recorded at the time of writing. They may change as the content creator continues to play more games in Free Fire.)

RawKnee Youtube Channel

Ronodeep runs two YouTube channels and both of them are equally popular. The channels are ‘The RawKnee Show’ and ‘The RawKnee Games’. So far he has amassed over 1.53 million subscribers and more than 124 million views on ‘The RawKnee Show’. His second channel, ‘The RawKnee Games’ has over 2.05 million subscribers and more than 329 million views so far.

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