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Tanuj Virwani is a fan of her actress-mother Rati Agnihotri and shares a special bond with her, as evidenced from their social media pictures. Today, on Mother’s Day, Tanuj spoke exclusively to ETimes to tell us why he is so much in awe of her, what lessons has he learned from her, and their Mother’s Day rituals. Excerpts…

Do you always celebrate Mother’s Day?
Yes, I do celebrate Mother’s Day every year; I am happy to live with my parents. We usually do something intimate like going for dinner or calling for food from our favourite restaurants, usually Chinese fare as we love oriental food. We also watch a nice movie; I get her a nice gift and write her a note of gratitude, which is an expression of my thoughts and feelings. I am so grateful to have her as my mother. Honestly, for me, every day is Mother’s Day. But yeah, we do try to make it extra special on this day.

What are the three things that you have learned from your mother?
The first thing that I have learned from my mother is integrity. She is an extremely transparent person and she has always told me that to reach the penthouse, you have to get to the ground floor. Another thing that she has taught me is that the ladder of success is often leaning on someone or something. Sooner or later, that is going to make you pay a certain price. So, you have to be willing to sacrifice something in order to gain something else. Lastly, she has taught me that box-office collections or reviews are not the barometers of success but that one should strive for the love of the audience. Even if one is successful in touching just one person’s life in some capacity, it’s a job well done. According to her, you should not let superficial things go to your head, and failures go to your heart.

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What is that one thing about her that inspires you the most?
The fact that she is so much more than just a good actress. She has been working from a very young age; in fact, she never went to college. She started acting immediately after school and yet gave up everything at the peak of her career to settle down to have me, and then make a successful comeback for her second innings and to branch out into so many different things. She has done ‘Art of Living’ and ‘Reiki’ course, she is a grandmaster, she has made candles, she has a lifestyle store, and now she is in Poland, where she has five successful restaurants, along with her sister. She is fantastic! Every time I feel she has maxed out her potential, she surprises me. It motivates me too to go that extra mile and work harder.

Do you share your secrets with her?
(Laughs) It depends on the kind of secrets they are. There are certain secrets that you are comfortable discussing or sharing with your father, and others with your mother. I am a single child, so, I pick and choose which secrets to share with whom. Sometimes I don’t share it with either of them (chuckles).

One filmi character that best suits your mother…
The character of Sapna, that she essayed in ‘Ek Duje Ke Liye’, is eternal; I don’t think anyone could have played the role the way she did, with that right blend of innocence and spunk. For me, she will always be Sapna.

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