[99 BEST] Stories In English For Kids

Stories In English For Kids – The article contains amazing stories in english for kids. The language used on this stories are really simple. It also helps you to learn english language and increase your vocabulary as well.

Stories In English For Kids
Stories In English For Kids

Stories In English For Kids

Here is an amazing story entitled The Ice Cream Truck for your kids. You can tell them and make them feel special. I believe that these stories will definitely create a bond with your children and family.

#1 The Ice Cream Truck – Stories In English For Kids

The Ice Cream Truck – Stories In English For Kids

Mr.Icy was an ice cream man.

He used to make delicious ice creams treats and sell them at the park

He used to carry his ice cream treats

in his little ice cream cart that had a tinkling bell.

Ice cream! Ice cream!

Sweet, yummy ice cream!

I’ll have a scoop of chocolate ice cream , Mister Icy!

Sure, ChaCha! I’ll give you an extra scoop.

Since your birthday is just around the corner!

Thanks, Mister Icy.

I’d like a scoop of strawberry ice cream please, Mister Icy!

Sure, ChuChu! Would you like some nuts on top?

They are on the house for you!

Thanks, Mister Icy!

I want vanilla!

And I want bubble gum!

Sure, Chika. Sure Chiku!

Come back, Chika!

You’ve forgot your change!

Silly me! Thanks, Mister Icy!

Here’s my money. Mister Icy. Please give me a huge scoop

of your cookie dough ice cream!

Sure, Cussly! Here you go!


My ice cream fell down!

Stories In English For Kids
Stories In English For Kids

Don’t worry, Cussly. Here’s another scoop

You don’t have to pay me for it.

It’s a gift from me to you!

Thanks, Mister Icy!

Mister Icy’s ice cream treats were delicious.

ChuChu and her friends liked them very much.

They liked Mister Icy too.

Mister Icy, your ice cream treats are wonderful.

You should sell them outside our school.

Yes, Mister Icy. All our friends at school

would love that.

Hmmm! That’s a good idea, children.

I will come to your school with

my little ice cream cart tomorrow.

And so the very next day,

Mister Icy took his ice cream cart to the school.

Ice cream! Ice cream! Sweet, yummy ice cream!

That’s Mister Icy! He’s our friend.

He sells ice cream at the park.

We love his ice cream treats! You must try them too.

Many children went to buy ice cream

from Mister Icy’s ice cream cart

I’d like a chocolate ice cream please, Mister Icy.

I’d like a strawberry popsicle please!

Please give me some cherry ice cream, Mister Icy.

I’d like cookie dough please!

Yes, children, yes.





All the children enjoyed Mister Icy’s ice cream treats

so much that they wanted more.

I’d like another scoop of your

cherry ice cream, Mister Icy.

I want some more too.

Me too!

Me too!

Mister Icy looked into his ice cream cart

but all of his Ice cream treats were gone.


I’m sorry, children.

But all the ice cream I brought is gone.

I want more ice cream, Mister Icy.

Me too.

Me too.

I’m sorry, children.

I’ll find a way to bring more tomorrow.

Many of the children started to cry

Mister Icy went home that day,

and left his ice cream cart in the garage.

He then went to the store and bought



sheets and nuts.

Mister Icy then took all the things he had bought

into his garage

and shut the garage door.

He spent the whole night working in there.

By the next morning,

Mister Icy had built himself

a shiny new ice cream truck.

My new ice cream truck is ready!

The Ice Cream Truck - Stories In English For Kids
The Ice Cream Truck – Stories In English For Kids

I will hang the bell from my ice cream cart on it.

And I will fill it up with lots of ice cream treats.

And the children will have the all ice cream treats they can eat.

So Mister Icy filled up the ice cream truck

with lots and lots of ice cream treats.

Chocolate! Cherry! Strawberry! Vanilla! Cookie Dough!

Once the ice cream truck was full,

Mister Icy headed out.

Off to school we go!

The moment the truck reached the garage door,

Mister Icy pressed the brakes and stopped.

Oh no!

My truck is too tall.

I can’t get it out of the garage.

How will I bring all these ice cream

treats to the school now?

Hmm! I better call ChuChu and her friends.

Hello, ChuChu? Can you and your friends help me please?

ChuChu and her friends rushed to Mister Icy’s garage.

What happened, Mister Icy?

Is that a new ice cream truck?

Did you build it yourself?

Yes, children.

I built this ice cream truck to carry more

Ice cream treats for the children at your school.

But it’s too tall. I can’t get it out of the garage.

I don’t know what to do.



ChuChu and Chiku began thinking.

And soon, they came up with an idea.

The garage floor is made of mud, Mister Icy.

We will pour some water on it and make it wet and soft.

Then we can scoop out some of the mud from around the truck

That will make the truck a little lower.

And it will be able to fit under the garage door.

That’s a good idea, children.

But I don’t have any shovels.

What will you scoop out the mud with?

With your old ice cream scoopers!

Ha ha ha!

Chika, ChaCha and Cussly came to help too.

All the children and Mister Icy

then got together

and scooped up the mud

from the garage floor.

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the ice cream truck sank a little lower.

And it was no longer too tall for the garage door.

Mister Icy then drove the ice cream truck out of the garage.


Later that day

He then drove it straight to the children’s school.

It’s Mister Icy!

He’s brought more ice cream treats for us.


All the children enjoyed eating Mister Icy’s ice creams.

More strawberry for me!

More chocolate for me!

Sure, sure!

And Mister Icy gave them as much as they wanted

Mister Icy then thanked ChuChu, Chiku,

ChaCha, Chika and Cussly for their help.

And he gave them all many scoops of their favourite

Ice cream flavors.

Thank you, children. You all were a big help today.

I would have never been able to

get the ice cream truck out of the garage without your help.

Mmmmmm, mmm!

We love you, Mister Icy!

And we love your ice cream too!

#2 The Way to Grinlor Story in English – Stories In English For Kids

Once upon a time

in the land of respartia lived a little

girl named carly

carly was the apple of the eye to

everyone in her family

she would be treated like a princess

with everyone

telling her how pretty she was all the

time oh

my aren’t you as pretty as a picture


indeed little carly was pretty but

what all the people did not realize was

that by pampering her so much

they made her extremely obsessed with

her looks

and beauty

Carly would spend most of her time in

front of the mirror

admiring herself she would do nothing


not study nor play with friends as she

grew up

her narcissistic behavior became very

alarming to her mother

all she does throughout the day is stare

at herself

in that mirror and talk to herself it’s

like she’s losing her mind

even that poor boy stewart keeps

waiting for her carly dear

come help your mother in the kitchen

would you

how beautiful you are i could look at


all day carly

uh what is it mother

i need your help in the kitchen dear

with time all carly would think about

was her looks

she did not think about anything else

i’m busy mum i

swear this girl has become so obsessed

does she not care about anyone else

no she does not huh

who said that my name is iris

i am the angel of enlightenment your

little girl there

is quite beautiful however she does not

think about anyone else

not even her own mother

i know i know but what do i do

she never listens to a word i say

i’ll help you just do as i tell you and


carly will not be so self-obsessed and


uh-huh hmm perfect

that will do the trick she’s talking to

herself now

it’s like she’s losing her mind the next


as carly woke up the sun was shining

bright outside her window

the birds were chirping and the sweet

sound of the river flowing

could be heard in the distance carly


straight to her dressing table only to

find that her mirror was gone

huh where’d my mirror go mom

mom where is my mirror

i got rid of it all you do is sit in

front of it all day

what no this is not

fair it is for your own good my child

what do i do now how will i ever see


pretty face of mine

oh carly

what who’s there come

to me carly

the mirror

on seeing the mirror in the woods carly

bolted out of the house

and ran to retrieve the mirror she

looked at herself and smiled

it was as though she was hypnotized and

mesmerized by her reflection

hello oh

come with me and through the mirror

carly went there she was greeted by many

butterflies and birds floating around


wow this is beautiful

carly oh hello

who are you i’m iris come

let me show you around i have something

special that i want you to see

iris took carly through the woods to a

beautiful castle

the castle of grinlor inside that castle

something you’ll really like carly

yay they entered one of the castle’s


and inside was a magnificent mirror

it’s a mirror not just any mirror

this is the mirror of admiration

it looks just like a normal mirror to me

look closely you will see that it will

show you

what you admire most in the world

some see money and some see lots

and lots of power what do you see

i see myself and i’ll tell you what

i do look beautiful in that red dress

ah so you see beauty

what do you mean i just see myself as

gorgeous as i am

you’re wearing a pink dress dear

huh come along now there’s more

wait i’m coming carly walked into the

next room

a giant room filled with many mirrors of

all shapes and sizes


look i’m short

and oh so tall

this is so much fun i love this room

as she went down the corridor laughing

at every funny sight of her

she found herself at the very end of the


standing in front of an old mirror

what does this one do this

is the mirror of reality look very


and you will see the true reality of the

world around you

carly oh no

mother why does she look so sad and


it looks like she is sick didn’t you

notice that earlier

no that is when carly realized how

little attention

she paid to the world around her i must

be more helpful to my mother

and take care of her

i have one last room to show you this

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where are we going now

i’m taking you to the tower of residence

stay with me this is a long way up

and so they went up the spiral staircase

that went on and on until they finally


the tower of resonance in the center of

this hollow tower

was nothing but a log lying on the floor

what what is this this is what you

brought me all the way up here for

to show me this piece of wood oh

no kylie wait


as she said that out of the log rose a


of an angel hello kylie

i am diana hello

tell me what do you see in this mirror

i see myself i look happy

and what about the now

that’s the kid next door um

what’s his name uh oh stuart

yes but he looks so

sad and alone and then now

no that’s my mum she looks so

sad and sick

why is this happening to them what do i


these people would be absolutely fine

if you make time to appreciate them

your mother works hard to make sure you

have food to eat and clothes to wear

but every time that she has asked for

help you’ll have ignored her

and obsessed over your looks

and what about stuart why is he sad

stuart doesn’t know one to play with he

wants us to spend

time with you and play with you but he

never gets a chance

to i get it now i must not obsess

over my look so much i know now how much

i have

missed and that it is important to be

good to others and

kind very well then it seems

you understand the value of family and

the friends

saying that the tower was suddenly

filled with a storm of clouds

and suddenly carly found herself in her


oh my where am i oh

i’m back home the sun was shining bright

outside her window

the birds were chirping and the sweet

sound of the river flowing

could be heard in the distance oh

what a beautiful day it is perfect to go

out and play

just then she remembered that she had to

help her mother ah


tell me mother how can i help you today

huh it worked it really worked um

could you wash the dishes please

sure mother also i was thinking of going

out and playing with the neighbor


later today

absolutely go ahead and have fun my dear

and so carly grew up to be a kind and

helpful girl

she would help her mother with her daily

chores and take care of

the little birds and animals in the

garden she even started studying


and was soon topping all the subjects in

her class


#3 The Flower Fairies Story in English – Stories In English For Kids

once upon a time

there lived a pretty little girl named


she lived in a huge mansion with her


and her nurse mama

papa these ribbons make me look the


aren’t these amazing i’m glad you love

them dear

but you mustn’t think so much about

these things why not

i can’t help it if i’m pretty ah

my little doll it’s because we’re afraid

you’ll get a big head because of it

a big head

laura had been spoiled by her silly

nurse who had

often told the young child to be proud

of her beauty

and all her pretty clothes

yes ama and papa told me

that if i think too much about my pretty


then i’ll grow a big head

oh no laura i’m sure they were just

teasing you

don’t worry that would never happen to


so laura grew to be very selfish and


anyone who wasn’t as pretty as her

on one sunny day laura was outside

wandering through her garden

it had flowers of many types and looked

as if

a rainbow had spread its colors all over

the place

reds and yellows


as she looked her curiosity turned to


or through the huge metal gates peeped a

little girl of around the same

age as laura how dare she touch my

gates with those pants and she is so


hi go away

the little girl looked up at laura


she had loved the beautiful flowers and

had only wanted to see them more closely

oh hello don’t hello me

you don’t belong here go away

but i just wanted to see those pretty


those pretty flowers are only meant

for me so go away from here


the poor girl ran away immediately hurt

by laura’s words

oh what a rude child

where did that voice come from

laura walked over to see a bush covered

with the most

beautiful red roses she had ever seen

laura looked a little closer and to her


saw a tiny little fairy dressed in the

petals of rose

she had with her a palette of multiple

shades of red

and her eyes twinkled as she saw laura


who are you you are so

pretty i don’t want to be complimented

by the likes of you

don’t you agree sisters laura’s

amazement only grew

as she saw many little fairies coming

out from behind the various flowers

oh you’re all so lovely

oh don’t touch us with your pants

laura was shocked wasn’t that a little


she’s just a child you know

that’s exactly how she spoke to that

poor child


well i’m moving to the next bush coming


wouldn’t want to be near such a child

now would we oh

right behind you and the two fairies

fluttered away

leaving laura very upset

don’t worry about them i’m violet and


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is lillian oh oh

i’m laura pleased to meet you

laura watched as violet painted the

flowers a pretty purple

she dipped her brush into a dew drop and


into the color where do you get your

colors from


violet showed laura a small purple

string of light

coming from the sun and forming the

color into her palette

wow i wish i could be a fairy too

lillian who had been quiet all this


now looked keenly at laura would you

really like that

yes um well at least for around

15 minutes lillian extended her long and

graceful hands

and as soon as she had touched lillian’s


laura found herself to be the size of a



i’m gonna fall

no we’ve got you

ah i don’t have any wings to fly with

wings by deer are only for real fairies

they flew through the air over gardens

and streets

oh this is so lovely

soon they reached a neat and small


inside lay a woman pale with sickness

her daughter was feeding her some


there are so many pretty gardens to


why have we come here

well i guess it’s because we wanted to

now violet help me with these will you

laura decided to observe the family


oh dear oh i wish i had some warm

chicken soup

and a few sweet strawberries i know we

can’t afford it but

sickness does make one want the

strangest of things

don’t worry mother i’ll be selling the

dress to mrs barrett today

mrs barrett why is she talking about


oh that’s the dress i’d wanted

laura suddenly felt sad for the

seamstresses family


uh-huh she never pays you enough my dear

ask her for a little extra

i’ll try mother well whatever happens

i’ll definitely make you some delicious

chicken soup

the seamstress walked over to the window

just as the fairies were finishing their



um they smell so good

mother i’ll keep them here for you

thank you love i do enjoy smelling these

lovely flowers

now to the next house

they flew through the warm summer sky

and soon landed on a small window pane

that belonged to an old tumbling house i

don’t get this why do you visit

old houses when you can easily be

painting in

beautiful meadows

we’ll tell you after we’re done now

watch me

laura watched the nearly withered

flowers turn

into the loveliest violets she had ever


lillian gave them a white and gold

sparkle that

sean when caught by the sun it’s

so beautiful suddenly

laura heard a hurried scampering in the


that’s the girl i shooed away today that

child has no appearance to love her

laura’s heart pained when she heard that

the girl came running towards the flower


oh how lovely you look and how fresh you


oh mother told me that god gave us the

flowers to make us

good and happy



i’m coming

that is why we come here to give anyone

even a moment of happiness

because we care for others

i wish i was a real fairy then i’d be

able to do that too

the fairy smiled laura’s heart had

already began to change

you can do much more as a human

come you’re 15 minutes are up

and before she could understand she was

her normal size

standing in front of the poor girl’s


the two fairies had disappeared

oh no how do i return home

just then margaret came out and was

surprised to see laura

you’re that girl who drove me away this


why are you here and not in your pretty


i’m i’m lost and can’t find my way back

would you help me

maggie was kind at heart and held no


she led laura back to her home

i’m laura i’m margaret

but i like to be called maggie

do you live here yes

i live here with my aunt and she doesn’t

like me so

it isn’t all that good but she feeds me

so i’m grateful for that

they chatted until they finally reached

laura’s house

please let me thank you properly

she took maggie in and gave her

delicious food to eat

much to maggie’s delight after that

laura took her out to the garden and

told her to pick as many flowers as she


she apologized deeply for the way she’d


that’s all right maggie left and laura

went to find her father

she told him all about maggie and how

she lived with her cruel aunt

so what do you want me to do

can’t we keep her here

well of course she can laura i am so

proud of you

laura smiled and as she watched her walk


he secretly felt pleased that his

daughter had cared for another

after that she went to her mother who

was found

talking to the seamstress

mama this dress is so lovely

shouldn’t it be worth a good sum

laura’s mother was most surprised at

this but agreed

wholeheartedly that the dress was

certainly worth a good price

wait before you go take

these home with you strawberries oh

but i it’s my way of saying

thank you the seamstress smiled warmly

and left with a happy heart true to his


laura’s father asked maggie to come over

to their place

maggie enjoyed herself thoroughly and

soon became

good friends with laura how could i have


so mean to someone laura had learned

that the only thing that mattered which

was supposed to be pretty

was a person’s heart it was a lesson she

would never forget

the fairies had taught her well




Stories In English For Kids has been written in very simple language collected from various sources.

I hope that these stories will help kids learn good habits. This will also help parents to maintain a good relation with their kids.

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