Should You Upgrade to Windows 11 on Oct 5


Should You Upgrade to Windows 11 on Oct 5
With Windows 11 fast approaching, will you update windows Windows 11 right away or stay with Windows 10. With all the mixed information on the internet, I wanted to give you my own personal opinion on Windows 11 and share with you some of the experiences I have had with Windows 11 and whether I will be upgrading to Windows 11.

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  1. Interesting question you posed, I am not sure you answered it for me. What does W11 security upgrade do that mcafee running on your computer (or norton or ?) wont take care of. In microsoft typical style, I think w11 gives them a better advertizing platform to work with, Just my 2C, without real benefit to me.

  2. No. It will just encourage both Microsoft and PC manufacturers to butt f*ck us again in a few years. I'm seriously considering Linux when I can no longer use Windows 7.

  3. i've just updated the other day. First impressions: it's still a beta. There is stuff not working, things that have been not fully developed yet, stuff that has been removed for the sake of "simplifying" the user experience but that were actually useful. Meh.

  4. There's no fucking way I'm upgrading. It's a complete step back, here are the reasons why:

    1. Start Menu: Completely useless crap. No more grouping nor folders. Showing all apps takes 1 more click thus wasting time. Recommended shit can't be disabled, thus wasting bottom space showing a "Turn on suggestions" shit.

    2. Start button at the center wastes all the left area in the taskbar. I get centered app icons (former TaskbarX user here), but Start button nor Task View neither search should be centered, it makes no sense! Right click on the taskbar is so useful it lets you pin/unpin search, task view or widgets from there, you have to open Settings app. More ways of wasting user's time. If that wasn't bad enough, they removed all of the useful options there like Task Manager, touch keyboard toggle, and of course, taskbar unlock so it could be moved somewhere else on screen. Also, you can't open files with pinned apps on the taskbar (I mean you can't drag a file to them and expect it to be opened) another useful feature, gone.

    3. Context menus are a joke. They don't only waste space on non-touch devices but you get the plus of wasting more time clicking the annoying "Show more options" option!

    4. Action Center was great. Many used to be able to quickly see their notifications and quick settings with just one single key combination (Windows A) but now it would only oppen quick settings app. Given missed notifications are more accessed than quick actions, this is another step back.

    5. Calendar not showing events but at the same time, Calendar widget not working if your account isn't within a Microsoft domain (e.g. outlook, hotmail) it just won't work. Windows 10 calendar events in taskbar are shown flawlessly, independent of the account domain.

    6. Explorer ribbons ain't gone for good. Windows 11 has a huge wasted panel just to show their shiny "Mica" transparency, not even 10% of the options that were available within ribbons are there, another huge step back.

    7. And finally, I almost forgot to mention how much of a pain in the ass it is to change default apps in Windows 11. Not just a single click to change the web browser, for example. This is literally Microsoft forcing many to use Edge. Which is a totally non-user friendly move.

    TL;DR: Windows 11 follows the "one good OS, one bad OS" scheme.

  5. Let’s hope that Windows does not upgrade to windows 11 by itself. Microsoft has caused issues before with upgrades to windows, and I do not believe that they have the best interest of their users at heart. They change windows all around, they make stupid changes by removing things that work the way they work, and make somebody else look for it all over the system. The last time I had a forced upgrade to windows 10, I had to totally remove windows and force it not to do any upgrades at all. Microsoft got sued because of this behavior and it doesn’t sound like they learned a lesson. Windows 10 does not need to be upgraded to windows 11 in my opinion windows 10 is perfect why the hell did they tell everyone that windows 10 was the last upgrade they were going to make an all they were going to do is do upgrade to the system itself?

    I have users that get used to one or two different things about windows and then Microsoft changes it! What the hell are they doing and why do they do that? I’m glad we have people like Brian who tell us what is going on so that we don’t make mistakes. If I had my way when does 11 would disappear: fix windows 10 and make it better don’t make a whole new operating system just for the sake of making an operating system. Sometimes older is better, because upgrades can screw the computer over and make the computer do things that you don’t want it to do, because their behavior is totally different

  6. Nope, not going to win 11. Best to wait util they get the bugs worked out first. Never buy a new product when it first becomes available, it may have issues that get worked out later.

  7. I'm switching to Linux after I am done with win 10, Win 10 was suppose to be the last so why are they coming out with 11? With all the BS going on in the world, makes me suspicious.

  8. UPDATE: Upgraded to Windows 11 yesterday and it's is kinda glitchy (compared to the Beta version I am using) after 24 hours of observation. Will try it for a month or two if it's good or bad. Good thing all of my games and emulators works perfectly fine

  9. One drawback with Windows 11, now software suites will use all the special features that Windows 11 uses, like TPM or target specific CPU. Under Windows 10, when Corel launched it version 2019 and 2020 of Corel Draw Graphic suite, you need to use more recent versions of processors if you have the stand alone version, this tactic is to force Corel Draw users to migrate to the Cloud version. The proof is, if I want to upgrade to the 2021 version of Coredraw Graphic Suite (Stand alone Version), I Can't !. The only version available for me that would work on my current PC would be the simple version of Corel Draw. I would lose the graphic suite part with all the extra tools that I currently use on my CorelDraw graphic suite version X8 and 2019.

    I guess that with Windows 11, more software will use these same special system requirements and force all of us go on a force upgrade path for all the software we use. And if you don't have a fully open High speed internet connection, the cloud version of those software are useless for you.

    To be honnest, Windows 11 will force our hand in upgrading from 10 to 11 by the software we use daily. And I don't think they will consider the older machines once the new upgrade path is fully accepted by users. Any one tried dual boot on a Windows 11 PC and install Linux side by side to Windows 11 ?


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