Sabrina Aloueche Was Sleeping In Train A Person Saved Her Bag | Sabrina Aloueche was sleeping very comfortably after opening the bag, the person sitting next to it did this work


New Delhi: Whenever you are traveling in public transport, you need to be very careful. So that your belongings cannot be stolen. But recently something happened with a British actress Sabrina Alouche, which you will be surprised to know and you will be proud of humanity once again.

Sabrina was in deep sleep

Recently, a British actress Sabrina Alouche shared a very touching experience of her train journey on Twitter. Sabrina wrote- ‘Recently on my return to London, I slept in such a way that I was not conscious of anything. I had opened the table in front in which my bag was kept open, and my mobile was kept on the table itself. I had my AirPods in my ear. I fell into a very deep sleep while listening to the song.

scary man sitting in front

The actress further said- ‘When the train was reaching Euston, when I woke up, I saw a person sitting on the other side of the table. Sabrina noticed that the other adjacent seats in that coach were empty and at some distance there were some drunken passengers who were making a lot of show. The woman was surprised that why is this person (Stranger) sitting in front of her not sitting on other empty seats. After regaining consciousness, he immediately checked his luggage which was kept in safe places. When Sabrina’s station came, she started getting down. Till that time she found that man very strange and scary.

that man had protected the bag

When Sabrina landed, the man said to her- ‘I did not want to scare you, just did not want you to leave your luggage open like this, so I sat here.’ Sabrina was stunned to hear this. He wrote in his post- ‘That person was sitting there all the way just so that I could sleep peacefully!’ This post of Sabrina is becoming quite viral. People are praising that person a lot and saying that it is difficult to find such a person in today’s time. While there are some people who say that the person must have been sitting there for the purpose of stealing or just to stock Sabrina. But his sleep suddenly woke up, so he made this story.

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