Prakash Subedi Rajatpat Glamour Guff


Entertainment journalist Prakash Subedi’s entertainment program ‘Rajatpat and Glamor Guff’ on AP1 Television has been postponed indefinitely. The board meeting of AP1TV has indefinitely postponed Subedi’s controversial program ‘Rajatpat and Glamor Guff’.

Prakash Subedi Rajatpat Glamour Guff

Prakash Subedi Rajatpat Glamour Guff

A news item about actress Shilpa Pokhrel was aired on Subedi’s ‘Rajatpat’ program in AP1. As soon as the report was aired, Shilpa had lodged a complaint with AP1 alleging that her character had been killed. After receiving Shilpa’s complaint, the AP1 board meeting had written a letter to Subedi not to broadcast any report related to her except Shilpa’s interview.

However, another program hosted by Subedi, ‘Glamor Guff’, aired an interview with producer Chhabiraj Ojha. After this, Shilpa had lodged a complaint saying that the program should be stopped.

The board meeting of AP1 has indefinitely postponed the airing of both the programs being conducted by Subedi based on Shilpa’s complaint after the image interview was aired. According to the source, board of AP1 has given a letter to Subedi with the decision to postpone the program after the interview of the image was aired in Glamor Guff rather than Rajatpat.

However, media person Subedi said that he has an agreement to broadcast the program till July.


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