Pooja Sharma 29th Birthday


Successful actress of Nepali film industry Pooja Sharma has entered 29 years from today. Pooja was born on Baisakh 17, 2049 BS in Sindhupalchowk. She has entered the film industry through Pooja music video and television.

Pooja Sharma 29th Birthday

Although Pooja started her career with the movie ‘Three Lovers’, the movie that will brighten her career is ‘Love Song’. After this film was released 6 years ago, Pooja does not have to look back on her career. Despite the success and failure of the film she acted in at the box office, she is on a happy journey.

The movie ‘I Sing Such a Song’ starring Pooja was a hit at the box office. At the same time, his fans’ love for him grew. Before ‘Love Song’, Pooja had acted in films like ‘My Best Friend, Madhumas, Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe, Still’. However, he did not succeed. Pooja has often cried in front of God when the film was not a success. But today, the audience has given him immense love.

Pooja Sharma 29th Birthday

It is believed that the turning point of Pooja’s career came after meeting director Sudarshan Thapa. Sudarshan has been cooperating with him continuously after ‘Madhumas’. Under Sudarshan’s direction, Pooja has acted in films like ‘Madhumas, Chankhe Shankhe Pankhe, Prem Geet, Ma Yasto Geet Gaunchu, Ram Kahani, Ma Yasto Geet Gaunchu 2, Samhalinch Kahile Man’.

Pooja is a famous and expensive heroine of recent times. She has been earning more than Rs 1.5 million for her performance in the film. Her craze in music videos is also greedy.

The actress, who has been in controversy due to her own speech at different times, is also in the news due to her love affair with hero Akash Shrestha. However, Pooja tells Akash that she is his only friend.

Known as a successful producer and heroine in the film industry, the birthday of this heroine has been celebrated by her fans. However, after the ban was imposed due to Corona this year, Pooja’s fans reached her house two days ago and cut the cake. Pooja is being greeted by filmmakers and her fans on social media.


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