Paanch Pokhari Diary Sindhupalchok

Paanch Pokhari Diary Sindhupalchok

Who wouldn’t love to get rid of the busy life and the noise of this Kathmandu daily!

That is why I go for refreshment at least once a year. Beautiful, quiet and delightful place.

During this time, there was an opportunity to visit five pools of Sindhupalchowk in Janupurnima in the past. Haven’t heard of the Five Pools but haven’t had the experience to do it yourself.

This time, though, Panchpokhari Thangpal VDC-1 provided the opportunity to go there.

Head of the Nigma Chirping Sherpa said that there will be ‘High Altitude Race Competition’ on the occasion of Janapurnima.

The thought of moving to a new place was overwhelming.

On the morning of July 7, I boarded a van from a Buddhist in a Sumeru.

To get on the bus, had to board a new bus.

That is what comes with fear. Again, the monsoon trips, the water is worsened by mud and water. I have seen a lot of falls due to heavy car loads. So I decided to get in the van. The trekking bag contained two cameras, two lenses and an Ozmo cloth and some food.

The journey from the Buddhist began at 7am. The heart is furious.

Melamchi reached from Buddhist to Sankhu. However, the route through Kavre is a long distance as there are small vehicles running through this route.

Arriving at Melamchi at 7 pm, I ate dinner.

After seeing the network, she informed her mother that she had arrived in Melamchi and was about to eat. I especially prefer not to call anyone at home or family when trekking.

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The same mother told me, ‘Maybe I don’t have a network from here, I’ll call myself if found.’

Food on the journey to Khaivari.

On the journey from Buddhism to Melamchi, my friend had an earphone. Since I was wearing earphones and listening to the songs, I didn’t feel particularly awkward throughout the trip.

Seeing my ear empty, the woman sitting next to me asked, ‘Where are you going?’

At first I didn’t respond as if I didn’t talk to him.

When he heard the other passenger say ‘Acha kuirini rai’ or what? ‘I replied with a laugh.

“No, no, I did not tell others! I did not speak, I am Nepali,” I said.

“I said you’re a blonde,” and said that he was a foreigner when he did not answer.

‘Where are you going?’

‘Five lakes’

‘Can you?’

‘Can’t you?’

‘You can’t afford to look at life’

‘Don’t go to life, look cool, I can have fun walking.’

The atmosphere was a bit fun.

Departing from Melamchi to Helambu, it was difficult to travel to Bhotang. Due to the rain, the road was shaky.

Walking downhill, we were walking downhill. As the boom was taking place, the slums became thinner and the air smelled different.

People are just about to get water. Looking for smaller waterfalls and streams all the way around, there is nothing more you need!

We were five riders in the car with Master.

First sister and first time? She tried to speak. I heard the details.

All of them hungry. I was going home to celebrate in public.

“And your sister has reached you or not?”

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‘Reached, but found it difficult, only once in 6 years did I reach’

‘Is that difficult?’

‘I have a hard time’

When she could not speak, the sister again said.

‘You know, there are people who see white people playing in a pool of white laughter, but the sinner does not see them.’

I asked, ‘Do you see?’

‘You see, how good it is, seen from afar’

Perhaps she thought that she was trying to hear that she was religious.

I arrived at Bhotang village around 1pm with a view of the green trees, hills and white waterfalls and the rivers.

Bhotang village

A totally different vibe than you imagine.

On reaching Bhotang, I met with the chairperson of ward no. He took her to a Sherpa hotel there.

Lighting facility is available till Bhotang. The camera was in charge and went out.

Indravati waterfall bridge
Being hungry, I entered a meal at home.

In the crowd of all-new faces Fate saw a familiar face. Not saying no, but I made sure that face was moving.

He was my friend Rishab Adhikari of Pokhara.

Glad to see Rishaw there. Let’s talk a little bit. Then we came to our hotel.

Feeling tired, I went to bed soon after eating.

On Tuesday morning, the singing voice outside opened the sleep. People were already moving. Watching the clock was at 4 pm.

What to do with walking so fast, I slept for a while. At 4 pm I got out of bed and packed up.

The walk from Bhotang began. When he reached the top, Indravati’s voice began to be heard. Curiosity moved fast. Upon approaching, huge waterfalls and cold air made it obsolete.

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Telenatak recalled seeing a small ‘Indiravati flows Indravati’. There was a difficult uphill journey through the bridge of Indravati waterfall.

Jhankri, who is going to Pokhara for the sake of publicity

Vertical …


The shepherd resting
When I reached the top five pools below, I forgot all the fatigue. Five lakes of blue water under the blue sky would give heavenly joy. The backdrop of the Jugal Himalayan wave will make you more attractive.

After capturing the photo for a while, I started packing stuff. And by saying goodbye to Panchpokhari, I traveled to Bhotang to advance.

Passenger and porter crossing the bridge
It is harder for me to go downhill than to go uphill. The flesh of the unlucky pudula was starting to ache. The sound was like twirling knickers and twirling.

I reached Bhotang Bazar while the sun was setting.

I spent the last day in Sindhupalchok, tired and exhausted.

Every year I try to get away from the noise of Kathmandu. Thinking first of my own country and abroad, I am trying to visit all the interesting places in Nepal. There are still plenty of places to hide. One day I will surely arrive.

After spending 3 days in Kathmandu, I was captured in my mind and brain and returned to my diary again.

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