P Som Shekar, Ram Gopal Varma’s cousin passes away in Hyderabad due to Covid | Hindi Movie News


P Som Shekar, Ram Gopal Varma’s cousin who was a part of the production of Rangeela, Daud, Satya, Jungle, and Company passed away in Hyderabad due to Covid.

Ram Gopal Varma said, “He’s not been with me for a while because he’s gone into other businesses since the last few years but he has been a very major part of my life and he will be missed terribly.”

Shekar had also directed the film Muskurake Dekh Zara which was written by Anurag Kashyap and Om Katare and Arijit Sen Gupta in it.

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JD Chakravarti who played Satya in Ramgopal Varma’s film Satya has known Shekar for over 33 years. He said, “ you know we were more scared of Shekar than Ramuji, he was quite a disciplinarian, he had the habit of speaking into Ramuji’s ears and we were worried if he is complaining about us.”

JD Chakravarti said that he and Shekar often ending up liking the same thing be it girl, place, or anything. He said,“. I remember when I came to shoot for Satya in Mumbai and had to rent an apartment Shekar also liked the same flat something similar happened when we went to Panchavati for the shoot. He said, initially we would get into arguments but we got comfortable with the fact that are we have the same taste.”

Chakri said that of late Shekar had become more of a loner and would not take calls and it did worry me. He said, “ this dreaded disease has taken him away and the person who is going to miss him the most is Ramuji.”

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