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Developed by People Can Fly, Outriders was released on April 1, 2021. It is an action RPG third-person shooter that features both single-player and co-op gameplay. The game released on multiple platforms like Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. The game received mixed review since its release. But being an RPG game players are curious to know how long it takes to beat the game. Scroll down to find out.

Outriders How Long To Beat?

Single-Player Average Rushed Leisure
Main Story 15h 20m 11h 58m 21h 28m
Main + Extras 35h 43m 26h 40m 56h 55m
Completionists 70h 35m 49h 23m 94h 23m
All PlayStyles 33h 06m 20h 09m 75h 39m

Outriders is a pretty long game and is bound to keep players occupied for a long time. The main story alone takes more than 15 hours to complete. If you looking to complete the side quests and extra missions as well, then it will take you close to 40 hours to complete the game. For hardcore gamers looking to achieve 100% completion in the game, be prepared to grind it out for close to 70 hours. So on average Outriders offers up to 30 hours of solid gameplay.

Outriders Gameplay

Outrider is a third-person shooter with a lot of RPG elements. At the start of the game, you get to create your own custom character. You can then choose from four classes that each has unique abilities. The four classes are Trickster, Pyromancer, Devastator and Technomancer. The gameplay changes drastically based on the type of class you choose. This offers great replay value since you can try the game out with each class and get through levels differently.

Outriders Review

The game received largely mixed or average reviews after its release. It received a 7.5/10 on GameRevoolution. The game was criticised for its weak storyline and characters but the gameplay, level designs, visual, and combat animations receive a lot of praise. The game also did not have any issues post its launch and all features worked seamlessly. The co-op element in the games was praised as well. 

Is Outriders a Live-Service Game?

No, Outriders is not a live-service game. The developers made it clear during launch to lower the expectations of players. So once you are done with the campaign, it is pretty much it. But the game has great replay value thanks to its class system. Though the game will not be getting post-game updates, there is still a lot to grind for by hunting for gear or levelling up their world tier to get more out of the game.

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