Nepali singer Divesh Pokhrel American Idol


Nepali singer Divesh Pokhrel has managed to reach the top seven of American Idol. He entered the top seven by singing the song ‘Remember Me’ from the movie ‘Koko’.

Nepali singer Divesh Pokhrel American Idol

The judge, Perry, praised her performance, saying it was the best she had ever had. ‘As the song says, we did not forget you. We will always remember you, ‘she said. Judge Lionel Richie also praised Pokhrel’s singing style. ‘Being stylish is a big thing. You can sing any song you want. Welcome back to Idol, ‘said Lionel.

Nepali singer Divesh Pokhrel American Idol

He has entered the top seven from the ‘live vote’ across the country. Competitors sang Disney songs for the top seven entries.

Pokhrel, better known by the stage name ‘Arthur Gun’, has secured his place in the top 10 in Idol this time through his ‘comeback performance’. He was a runner-up when he won Just Sam Idol last year. This time Idol had given a chance to last year’s 10 singers to enter the top 10 of this season through ‘comeback performance’.

“What was the experience of returning to this stage?” Pokhrel said in response to a question. “At first, I was surprised. I am also happy to be able to sing on this stage. ‘

After the announcement of the comeback contestant, many discussed it as a second chance for Pokhrel to win the American Idol. After his entry in the top seven, this discussion has flared up again. Pokharel has shared his happiness through social network Instagram. ‘First of all, I would like to thank everyone who voted for me. Thanks also to American Idol for this opportunity. I never thought I would return to the Idol stage. ‘


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