Nepal Government Nagarik App Download

Nepal Government Nagarik App DownloadNepal Government has now finally published the app as Nagarik App. The government has aimed to provide all government services using the Nagarik App.

Nepal Government Nagarik App Download
Nepal Government Nagarik App Download

Nepal Government Nagarik App Download

The application is very popular and more than 50k installs has already been made within few hours. The app also has the official website with url .

More than 12 Lakhs citizen has already registered in the app. More than 92k people are already verified by the system.

People also have confusion regarding registering in Nagarik App. You need to consider few things to register in Nagarik App.

Nagarik App Apk Download

The app has been officially uploaded in google play store. But, the apk is available in various sites. People also downloaded mero share app to apply IPO of the companies.

You can download the Nagarik App Apk from the following links.

Contact Nagarik app team

Email id: [email protected]

Nagarik App registration requirements

  1. Ncell or NTC Mobile number registered in your own name.
  2. Government issued documents like Citizenship, Voters Card or Passport.

Nagarik App features

  1. Apply PAN Card and get PAN Number.
  2. TAX details paid to government.
  3. Information related to citizenship, passport, educational documents and voter card.
  4. Information related to Citizenship Investment Trust, Sanchaya Kosh, Samajik Surakshya Kosh
  5. Send feedback to Hello Sarkar
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You can upload multiples files in the Nagarik App. Thousands of citizen of nepal has already linked thousands of documents in the Nagarik app. More than 20k users have linked citizenship with Nagarik app.

You can link documents as below.

  1. Citizenship
  2. SLC
  3. PF
  4. Passport
  5. Lok Sewa
  6. Voter Card
  7. CIT
  8. NEB Plus Two
  9. SSF
  10. PAN
  11. Gunaso

How to register in Nagarik app?

You can easily register in Nagarik App. The most important thing is that you must have the SIM in your own name.

If you do not have the SIM in your own name, Nagarik app shows error. In this case, you should visit the Telecom and keep the SIM in your own name our buy a new SIM card in your own name.


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  1. I’m excited to learn about the Nepal Government’s Nagarik App download for February 2024. As a resident of Nepal, I find it convenient that the government is making it easier for us to access various services online. I hope the app will be user-friendly and secure, and I look forward to using it to access important services in the future.