My Thoughts On Windows 11


My Thoughts On Windows 11
With the leaked information and ISO of Windows 11, people are asking is windows 11 any good? we will talk about it in this video.

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  1. You hit the nail on the head with just about everything you said. Barely anyone's talking about how this is essentially just a reskin of Windows 10. It looks almost exactly like Windows 10X. Good, no nonsense talk, telling it how it is. I also liked the dig at Linux users.

  2. I just don't like the 'intrusive' mentality of Microsoft already coming with Win10 'nightmare' updates. I don't want things put on 'MY' pc without my proper consentement. So I don't care about Win 11 as long as the OS does what I need without the bla bla and telemetry we need to kill at its roots !! Thanks for showing the 'fake' of win 11.

  3. Dear brit tec viewers,
    The introduction of windows 11 will cause the biggest computer waste to the computer industry with older PCs with 8th or 7th generation processors or PC and laptops more than 3 years could end in the waste dump because they cannot operate windows 11.
    This will affect many poorer households who have second hand and refurbished pc could be at risk of losing their pc and face risk not having virus and system protection when they use the Internet.
    There are many councils, colleges, schools and lbraries including businesses who operate window 7 extension for an extra two years but these organisations will face a large bill to upgrade pc to use windows 11 operating system.
    The government needs to take action so Microsoft can change the software to use of older pc from the 3 generation processor onwards can be upgrade to windows 11 or face a large bill to upgrade including poorer households unable to afford a new PC in the future.

  4. Seems like Microsoft are trying to get everyone to buy a new computer.
    Windows has always (mostly) been backwards compatible. This compatibility has
    resulted in old computers being in use for decades (unlike Apple's story) so hardware
    manufacturers were stymied by peoples reluctance to buy a new system. This is a way
    to break the compatibility cycle and implement an Apple style built-in redundency
    system making more profit for Intel, Microsoft and other suppliers and retailers.

  5. Loving win 11 starts faster for me 4 seconds faster . Apps more snappier cleaner look and runs great . Running on a 2014 Dell latitude 6540 with Intel 4810 MQ cpu 12 gb of ram sata 3 SSD and 1 GB graphics . Lovely .work well on a 6 year old laptop .

  6. the main purpose i use task manager is to close a frozen unstable program ie games the covers the desktop with a unusable area its bad that some keyboards replaces the rightclick on the keyboard to a rgb and function key leaving me to alt ctrl del and selecting it there. those search options would be behind the black window. windows ten has a nice way to recover the pc right click the bar press up three times because i cant see behind the crashed app. i dont want to have to sign-out.

  7. I can’t understand why Microsoft can’t even be bothered to update the Run command UI! ?‍♂️

    It's so silly that you still have Windows XP style menus within a Windows 10/11 like experience! Not even updating the Run command window to match the modern them is just shocking laziness.

  8. The fundamentals of what PCs, tablets, phones do hasn't really changed for years now, most of the updates and bloat are just frills around the edge – with Google, Microsoft, Apple just looking at ways to monetise already mature products and take hard earned cash off naive suckers and those vulnerable users who aren't tech savvy. I'm really fed up with product bloat. When I look at how many services, scheduled tasks, etc are consuming resources on my machine it drives me crazy, especially how much data is being sucked off my machine.
    Window 11 looks like it will be a case of the Emperor's new clothes when it is launched. It makes me laugh when you see all the fanboys/girls getting excited when Apple ponce around the stage showing off a phone that does exactly the same as the previous models.

  9. Best solution is to use a lite w10 build with all the crap turned off, while waiting for people to figure out how to disable unwanted features of w11.

  10. MY other thought is you are installing an OS from a Chinese website. Nothing from China was ever a bad thing. Sarcasm. You think it can't be hacked? Really? It gets hacked all the time by hackers.

  11. So with your line of thinking, then it's safe to say that Windows 10, is Windows 8, and Windows 8 is Windows 7, and Windows 7 is Windows Vista, and Windows Vista is Windows 2000…so on and so forth. No matter what new versions are called, it's important to focus on whether or not, the newer versions are making the OS better or worse. It appears that Windows 11 is a "facelift" of 10, nothing wrong with that, but at the same time, we can only hope it's more efficient with less issues and bugs.

  12. Does Win11 have a big shiny "GAME" button which when enabled will disable all unnecessary bloatware, spyware, and telemetry to make it as clean and as efficient as possible for gaming ?.

  13. Why does Microsoft not make a version of Windows with no end of support lifecycle and call it "Windows Forever"? This would be much better because users would use a version of Windows which never gets old, nor out of support. That means if such an operating system like this exists in the future, that would mean that "Windows Forever" would be like a time machine that always travel with time in the future. This version of Windows would always evolve like life evolution on Earth.

  14. I do not like Windows 11 with its Mac OS style Start Menu. I like to see everything on the Start Menu instead of having a hybrid Start Menu which cannot be changed. This is so annoying. Here are my thoughts on Windows 11.

  15. So I don't get it. Why did they change the Windows version from 10 to 11(or whatever name). I saw a video from Chris Titus Tech and it was really just a theme difference. He compared Windows 10 with a theme and windows 11.

  16. They just ripped off macOS for the desktop & brought back widgets from Windows Vista & implemented Power Toys like “Fancy Zones” in box. I hope we find out on the 24th there is more exciting stuff behind the scenes like big performance bumps, stability, security & gaming stuff ?

    I don’t care about any of the touch screen stuff though since I never intend on using “touch” for a desktop. At least it’s not like Windows 8 where touch was given priority in the design.

  17. What the h3ll are you talking about? You're considering this as a release, IT'S NOT A RELEASE IT'S A DEVELOPER BUILD. It's even marked as DEV. You have no idea what isn't in the build because the code is still being worked on, there's no way you can make a judgement on Windows 11 from this build.
    You're also still going on about telemetry, THERE ARE OPTIONS AT SETUP TO DISABLE IT.
    You should remove this video, it makes you look like an idiot.

  18. Britec is speaking straight facts. You should be one of the head designers for Windows at Microsoft, the OS would be so much better and more importantly much more reliable.

    Let's be honest here, the dream operating system would be all the features and compatibility of Windows (for games, api's, programs etc) and the reliability and security of MacOS.

  19. Apparently there a boost in performance from startup about 3 seconds faster and overall using. A guy tested it on Geekbench and other performance apps and it scored higher than win 10 . So it's worth the free upgrade to win 11 or sun valley whatever they call it .

  20. Not even going to try it – My windows 10 computers are running well now! All updates are turned off and MS bloatware disabled or uninstalled – Though recently I am constantly getting prompts too sign in to an MS account, though I refuse to do so.

    It is an arduous process too setup all the browsers and various internet based applications so they are not auto-updating and spying. I do not want to have to go through all that again, so I will stick to Windows 10 until I am forced too change and not a day before.

    BTW I use Linux too and if I want a pretty OS then I will use that, but MS Office doesn't run natively and many other applications are not available in Linux (and vice versa actually).

    Thanks for your channel Brian

  21. If Windows 11 is going to be a paid upgrade only, then it's a bit like the following scenario to me:

    You buy a new car. It has all the things a modern car needs. You run it for a few years, all the while receiving regular maintenance. Then, the car dealer tells you that they will no longer service your car after a certain date. You can either continue to use your car until it wont run or becomes unsafe, or we'll sell you a shiny new one.

    The new car, the upgraded car, is essentially mechanically identical, but is a different colour and some of the dash buttons have changed and a few added. It requires the same maintenance, the same fuel and has all the same parts under the hood, but the dealer insists they cannot maintain your old, almost identical car, anymore and you must have this "new" one.

  22. One thing I hate immediately is the taskbar. They have either removed or not yet installed any method of fixing the crap that it comes installed with. The ONLY option is to be able to locate the buttons to where they SHOULD BE ON FIRST BOOT by default, on the left of the taskbar. You can no longer shrink the icons or make the taskbar smaller, so your stuck with it being double row height and ONLY at the bottom of the screen, so any linux user's that like a top bar and might like to try this version will be dissappointed right away.
    The default light theme is also VERY BRIGHT in most windows and most settings. It gave me a "glare headache" within 10 minutes and changing the theme to a darker one didn't help very much. It's not starting out very well for me at least, I will not be looking forward to the full version if this marketing release is anything to go by. I'm sure I'll find more to dislike the longer I use it, if I even use it again, there is MORE excuse to NOT use it again than there is to want to see more of it. For me, it's about a 3 out of 10 at this point in it's development.


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