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Minecraft Speedrun

Developed by Mojang, Minecraft is a Sandbox video game initially released in 2011. Minecraft is one of the popular video games played by lots and lots of people worldwide. The art of finishing a game as quickly as possible is called Speedrunning. Minecraft game can be finished when the Ender Dragon is defeated by going to the End Portal. There are many players who have made world records in Minecraft speedrun. There are many categories in Minecraft Speedrun and get to know everything about Speedrun here.

How To get Speedrun In Minecraft?

A speedrun is a play-through of a video game performed with the intention of completing it as fast as possible. Speedruns may cover a whole game or a selected part, such as completing all achievements/advancements or killing a certain boss. Below given are some types of Speedrun in Minecraft:

Set Seed

  • The player has to enter a known seed before starting the world and exploring the world beforehand to find the loot location.

  • Players might run one seed repeatedly trying to reduce the time.

Random seed

  • The player starts a new world using a random seed. It is not against the rules to start a new world, just start with another new, random world if necessary.


  • The player chooses whether to take advantage of glitches in the game or not. In Minecraft, the most useful glitches duplicate items or blocks and many of these have been eliminated in recent versions, and so speedruns using glitches are less common in newer versions.



  • Minecraft Speedruns are divided into three further categories based on the version used for the Speedrun.

  • Pre 1.9 – usually played on 1.7

  • 1.9 – 1.15 – usually played on 1.14.4

  • 1.16+ – usually played on 1.16.1

Minecraft Speedrun World Record

Below given is the list of Speedrun world record holders:






Minecraft Speedrun Seed

Below given are the best seed for Minecraft Speedrun:

Villages and Desert Temple

Speedrunner’s Delight

Great for a Speedrun

A Java Edition seed

World Record Seed

Minecraft Speedrun Guide

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