Major Windows 10 update 21H1 How to get it


Major Windows 10 update 21H1 How to get it
So you want to update to get 21H1 early? well here is all you need to know about the latest windows 10 update 21H1. Remember by using Microsoft Update Agent, you are bypassing Microsoft’s slow rollout process and run a increased risk of encounter bugs and known problems on your PC

How to get the Windows 10 May 2021 Update 21H1

Having a problem with windows 10 21H1 and need to uninstall the update and go back to your old version of Windows 10
Start /Settings / Update & Security / Recovery

I normally wait several weeks or months before installing a feature upgrade for Windows 10, why? it reduces the chance running into issues.

Two known issues listed by Microsoft
Certain 5.1 audio devices may emit a high-pitched noise with certain settings.
Automatic input of Furigana might not work as expected.

KB5000736: Featured update to Windows 10, version 21H1 by using an enablement package

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  1. Hi can u help me with my issue, my pc keeps on showing blue screen error every time it reaches around 50% of the installation and undo every change made within my pc, may current windows is 1511, tnx a lot!

  2. My Windows version is (64 bit) 1909, I was on W7, and then transferred / downloaded to W10. Do I really need to download to the new 21H1, or can I continue as is ? Thanks!

  3. I have a PC that is still on Version 1909 & point-blank refuses to upgrade to either 20H2 or 21H1. I've tried all different methods: Windows Update, Windows Update Assistant, MediaCreationTool20H2 & ISO file for 21H1 without any success. Please help. My laptop is ok at the moment as I upgraded that from Win7 Ultimate straight to 10 Ver 20H2 no prob.

  4. Surprisingly, this update didn't mung my little Win10 PC.
    Previous ones made all the font on the screen icons absolutely giant and made it so I could no longer set the screen resolution the to one I had been using.

  5. Out of ignorance, I clicked manual update to 21H1. So far so good, and noticed better stability with increase in performance. New DIY pc was so problematic for denying directories and files access, so decided to update.

  6. Can get mobile app
    In windows 10 in this ver
    Microsoft make a add for this mobile app
    Use your mobile to login Facebook whats app Twitter by mobile app
    In to pc app like pc whatsup
    Pc Twitter
    Because in pc we get 15.6 inch view

  7. Hey,
    Um I have 2 windows 10 pc in my home. and both of them got the 21H1 update at the same date. And I installed 21H1 in both laptops right away. But after installing this update one is running fine. But another one is having a problem which all the browsers crashes when I try to open them.

  8. I have 21H1 installed and to be honest, I am more than happy. IE has gone, Edge (legacy) is gone and Edge (Chromium) fully part of Windows. Most of my apps are loading fasted, documents, spreadsheets etc are flashing up in Open Office. Photoshop still take an age to load all its plugins but once loaded it has become far quicker. It also seems to have resolved a couple of problems that started with 20Hx with wifi connectivity and sound suddenly switching off. So far, fingers crossed that 21H1 remains stable..roll on 20H2

  9. Wow the new EDGE is amazing!

    Who would of thought I needed WOKE Microsoft to update my EDGE with LGBTQxyz theme options…..!

    I feel so Enlighted now….

    .switching to FOX as default browser now. Microsoft you can shove your social agenda up your behind.

  10. One of my Laptop, a brand new Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming can never have proper Windows 10 update. The update failed due to "Your device is missing important security and quality fixes". Microsoft never mentions what they are and pass the bug back to the user. It seems Microsoft can't fix the errors. Can you?


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