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While his superstar father Shatrughan Sinha continues to be an inspiration to him, Luv Sinha considers mother Poonam Sinha to be his support system. On Mother’s Day today, the star kid shares his thoughts on what his mother means to him, the lessons he has learned from her, and how her turn in ‘Jodha Akbar’ came very close to the mother that she is in real life. Excerpts…

Do you usually celebrate Mother’s Day?
I don’t really celebrate it because I believe every day that you have with your family should be special, instead of one day that comes across as a commercial exercise more than anything else.

What are the three things that you have learned from your mother?
From her, I’ve learned to be strong, appreciate the journey of life, and never giving up.

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What is that one thing about her that inspires you the most?
The way she has always dedicated herself to her family and helps others whenever they need it, inspires me a lot. When I become a parent, I would like to pass on the lessons that I have learned from her.

Do you share your secrets with her?
I don’t really have secrets but yes, I do share my concerns and issues with her. I feel it’s always better to share such things with your family than anyone else.

One filmi character from Bollywood films that best suits your mother…
I can’t really think of one but I believe that her grace and caring nature were evident from her turn in ‘Jodha Akbar’, in which she played Hrithik Roshan’s mother.

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