Love Story Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Arunthathi New Movie 2021


Mumbai Ki Kiran Bedi || Hindi Dubbed full movie ||

Cast : Ramkumar, Arunthathi
Music : V Selva Ganesh
Lyrics : Kabilan, Pa. Meenakshi Sundaram
Director : Sundarra Elangovam

Story: An opening of a venturous police, who is chasing after the kidnapped girl was rescued from the snatchers and encountering the culprits, this recognition cracks to the crime branch of police inspector Sathyapriya. Quite opposite to the fearless lady inspector Karthik is a tempting guy his profession was a civil engineer, even he respects the elder’s words, the reason behind Karthik’s had a flashback and grown up in the orphanage he had esteem on Ayya (Nassar).

Karthik’s beloved Ayya was getting murdered by fishy group and the story track towards the investigation of the murdered. In the first half, Sathyapriya plays a vital role, Karthik just like the dummy piece. For the dramatic script ending was the slight twist and emotional sequel is added.



  1. किसी को क्या बताएं कितने मजबूर हैं हम जिसे चाहा सच्चे 💞💞💞💞💞 दिल से उसी से दूर है हम


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