Love School 4 Contestants, Winners, And More Here!


Love School Season 4: Love School 4 Contestants, Winners

MTV Love School Season 4’s creators are looking at the series from a creative standpoint this time. In terms of the first season, it premiered in 2015, and the TV show quickly earned a large following. We’re guessing you’re fairly pumped for the fourth season of MTV Love School. As a result, join us as we unwrap some of the show’s coolest and best features.

Love School 4 contestants

Love School season 4 contestants list is given below,


  1. Tajinder (Sunny) and Manpreet Kaur

  2. Nipun Dhawan and Rowhi Rai

  3. Ramiz Siddiqui and Basiri Gizelle

  4. Dev Sood and Poojan Solanki

  5. Bhavay Arora and Ritika Kapoor

  6. Navpreet Singh and Tanvi Khanna


  1. Gunjan Dalal

  2. Harsh Khullar

  3. Kapil Chhabra

  4. Aishwariya Kamal

  5. Eliza Sehgal

  6. Gaurav Dutt Sharma

  7. Sahil Narang

  8. Soumya Sood

  9. Mukta Karandikar

  10. Sagar Anand

Wild Card Entries

  1. Aishwariya Africawala

  2. Rishabh Chauhan

  3. Ali Raza Shaikh

  4. Asheema Chauhan

  5. Shafan Samdani

  6. Vaishali Panwar


Love School Season 4 Winner

The winner of love school season 4 is Sunny Cheema and Manpreet Kaur.


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