Krookodile Pokemon Go, Moveset, Evolution, Where To Get Krookodile?


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Krookodile Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go introduces new Pokemon from time to time to keep the game fresh and interesting. There are nearly 900 different species of Pokemon and each of the Pokemon has unique characters and also have their own shiny variant. Pokemon Go makes each one feel special by hyping up its release. This has also been an effective technique to keep players come back to the game as there is always something new for the players to catch or hunt. Krookodile is a popular Pokemon in the game and check out below more details about Krookodile below.


Krookodile looks exactly like a crocodile with different colours. One of the strongest Pokemon in the game is Krookodile that is wanted by many players. Krookodile can be found in the Unova region and it is the 5th Generation of Pokemon. Krookodile is a Ground and Dark-type Pokemon. It has a maximum CP of 344. Krookodile is vulnerable to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ice, and Water-type moves. Krookodile is boosted by Sunny and Fog weather. Krookodile Best Moveset is Mud-Slap and Earthquake.

Krookodile Evolution

Krookodile is evolved from Sandile. Sandile evolves into Krokorok by feeding 25 candies. Krokorok is evolved into Krookodile with 100 candies. Krookodile is the last stage of evolution. 

Krookodile Overview

Krookodile Overview

Pokemon Type Ground and Dark-type
Vulnerable to Bug, Fairy, Fighting, Grass, Ice, and, Water
Resistant to Electric, Psychic, Dark, Ghost, Poison, and Rock
Max CP 3444
Attack 229
Defence 158
Stamina 216
Moves Mud-Slap and Earthquake
Evolution Sandile (25 candy) – krokorok (100 candy) – Krookodile
Location Unova region

How To Get Shiny Krookodile?

As of now, there is no shiny Krookodile available and it might be available in future. Shiny Krookodile of the Unova region is not there at the moment. The shiny Krookodile will be available in any one of the upcoming events in Pokemon Go.

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