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Jobs In Nepal Telecom – Nepal Telecom is government organization registered under Company Act 2053. The company has published the notice for the vacancies under hundreds of position for permanent jobs.

Jobs In Nepal Telecom 2078

Nepal Telecom of Nepal has now announced vacancies for more than 200 posts. The notice has been published on Gorkhapatra on the date 19 November 2021.

Vacancy Published Date : 2078-08-03

Deadline : 2078-08-23

Double Dastur Deadline : 2078-09-01

Nepal Telecom Vacancy Notice

  • Deputy Manager: 5 under the categories of telecom, accounting, and administration
  • Senior Telecom Engineer: 2
  • Baristha (Senior) Account officer: 4
  • Senior Administrative Officer: 2
  • Senior Business Officer: 1
  • Telecom Engineer (Electronics and communication): 48
  • Engineer (Computer): 20
  • Telecom Engineer (Electrical): 12
  • Civil Engineer: 9
  • Assistant Accounts Officer: 13
  • Sahayek (Assistant) Administrative Officer: 13
  • Assistant Business Officer: 11
  • Overseer: 15
  • Technician: 53
  • Assistant: 28
  • Junior Technician: 34
Nepal Telecom job vacancy
Nepal Telecom job vacancy 1

How to apply for Nepal Telecom Vacancy online?

You can easily apply for the various vacancies in Nepal Telecom by yourself.

  1. Go to the NTC recruitment portal for the online application and select the position you want to apply. Then, fill the form along with the attachment of the Citizenship copy, PP size photo, Academic Qualifications, Training, experience (if any), Council registration, Inclusiveness determination certificate as required.
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2. After rightly filling the application, you can pay for the application fees on the payment options where you can choose Namaste Pay, Connect IPS, eSewa, and Khalti. You can also pay for the respective fee from NT counters while presenting the slip with the application token number.

Nepal Telecom Syllabus For All Vacancies PDF

  1. L-5 Overseer – Open
  2. L10- Account Manager (Internal)
  3. L9 – Dy Manager Accout- Open and Internal
  4. L8 – Snr Account Officer- Open and Internal
  5. L8 – Chartered Accountant – Open
  6. L7 – Account Officer- Internal
  7. L6 – Asst Account Officer -Open & Internal
  1. L9 – DY Manager Admin – Open and Internal
  2. L8 – SNR Administrative officer -Open and Internal
  3. L8 – SNR Business officer – Open and Internal
  4. L7 – Business Officer -Internal
  5. L7 – Admin Officer-Internal
  6. L6 – Asst. Law Officer-Open and Internal
  7. L6 – Asst. Business Officer-Open and Internal
  1. L6 – Asst. Admin Officer-Open and Internal
  2. L5 – Snr Assistant admin -Internal
  3. L4 – Assistant (admin )-Open Competition
  4. NTC L10 Manager Telecom -Internal
  5. NTC L9 Dy Manager Telecom Open and Internal
  6. NTC L8 Snr Technical officer internal (Technical Gr)
  7. NTC L8 Senior Engineer Open and Internal (Telecom gr.)
  8. NTC L7 Technical Officer internal
  9. NTC L7 Electronics & Communications Engineer( Open/Internal)
  1. NTC L7 Electrical Engineer (Open / Internal)
  2. NTC L7 Computer Engineer(Open / Internal)
  3. NTC L7 Civil Engineer(Open / Internal)
  4. NTC L6 Assistant Technical Officer internal
  5. NTC L5 Senior Technician Internal
  6. NTC L4 Technical- open , internal and Practical
  7. NTC L3 Junior Technician Open ,Internal and Practical exam
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Nepal Telecom Vacancies 2078

The government organization Nepal Telecom has published notice regarding job vacancies in hundreds of position under multiple positions.

  • Nepal Telecom Job Prashasan
  • Nepal Telecom Job Telecom Engineer
  • Nepal Telecom Lekha Adhikrit Job Vacancy
  • Nepal Telecom Prashasakiya Adhikrit Job
  • Nepal Telecom Administrative Officer Vacancy
  • Nepal Telecom Electronics and Communication Engineer Job
  • Nepal Telecom Computer Engineer Job Vacancy
  • Nepal Telecom Civil Engineer Job Vacancy
  • Nepal Telecom Overseer Job Vacancy
  • Nepal Telecom Technician Job
  • Nepal Telecom Junior Technician Job

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