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Jobs In Nepal – Job is the most searched keyword in the world. People use newspaper, online, websites, applications, etc. to search jobs. We want high paying jobs and security. For the country like Nepal, people would like to get Government jobs People have been searching for various jobs like Jobs In Nepal, Government Jobs, Karar Sewa, Kathmandu Jobs, etc. This page can help you get your required jobs. Also, you can download syllabus, notice, MCQs PDF and sample questions to practice for the exam.

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Karar Sewa

Karar Sewa – This is the government job for a fixed period of time. This is a temporary job. You get all the facilities like government but this is not permanent. Such vacancies are opened to perform certain task and once it is done, the contract agreement for the job ends. And such position can be fulfilled by Lok Sewa Aayog. Public Service Commission can appoint the permanent job from the open vacancy examination.

School Teacher Vacancy

School Teacher Vacancy – Teaching is a great profession. There are thousands of schools in Kathmand. If you are searching for the School Teacher Vacancy, then you can find these jobs here.

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  • Vacancy in Computer Teacher
  • Part Time Job in Teaching
  • Vacancy For Music Teacher