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Blackpink Disbanding

Blackpink is one of the most popular South Korean girl groups formed by YG Entertainment consisting of 4 members –  Jisoo, Jennie, Rose, and Lisa. Blackpink  debuted with their single album, Square One, in August 2016. The general consensus with regard to Blackpink Disbanding and any disbanding of any band for that matter is that they fulfill 7 years of their contract, though sometimes bands sign up for far less time. But in the case of Blackpink, it was expected that the Blackpink Disbanding would be after 7 years which would be 2023. But recently there has been talks of Blackpink Disbanding and Twitter has been booming with trends of Blackpink Disbanding. This has made the fans of the band and others wonder Is Blackpink Disbanding and if so When Is Blackpink Disbanding. In fact Is Blackpink Disbanding and When Is Blackpink Disbanding has been the top questions with regard to Blackpink in recent times.

Blackpink Disbanding Twitter Trend

One Twitter Blackpink Disbanding became trend wherein even a hashtag was created with #blackpinkdisband. What could be the possible reason for the Blackpink Disbanding trend that is booming on Twitter. Recently on twitter there was a full on verbal fight between the BTS army and Blick (fans of Blackpink). It is a generally known fact that the BTS Army is very protective of their BTS band and its members and would take any attack on the BTS band as a personal attack. Blink had posted a few comments on Jimin attacking him on various levels calling him a homophobic slur and many more such unplesant terms. This was not taken lightly by BTS who took to Twitter to attack Blink by creating a hashtag for Blackpink Disbanding and making it trend.

Is Blackpink Disbanding?

As of now apart from the twitter hashtag trend that has been going on there has been no other official information regarding is Blackpink Disbanding. The answer to Is Blackpink Disbanding, is NO. As stated earlier the Blackpink made their debut in 2016 thus their contract would probably expire in 2023. So, the Blackpink is expected not to disband as of now. We will update you once we get to know any more information about Blackpink Disbanding. But as of now, there is no such possibility according to the reports.

When Is Blackpink Disbanding?

Now that we know that the Blackpink Disbanding trend is justa  war between the fans of BTS army and Blackpink and that it is not official. It can be confirmed that the answer to When Is Blackpink Disbanding it not any time soon.  As of now there is no official date as to When Is Blackpink Disbanding. But as stated earlier it is expected that it will be in 2023. Thus the answer to When Is Blackpink Disbanding is probably in 2023.

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