Illeana had to suffer body shaming


Ileana told how from a young age she had to suffer body shaming. This was an experience whose wounds are still green for them.

When it comes to body shaming, there is no doubt that girls are more prey to it than boys. The sad thing is that not only outsiders but also family members judge about the appearances. Ileana D’Cruz has also repeatedly undergone such an experience and still faces comments. He told in an interview how at the age of just 12, he was being body shamed.

Illeana had to suffer body shaming

Illeana had to suffer body shaming

In an interview to the Bollywood bubble, Ileana said that she still remembers the day when she started body shaming. The actress shared that she was 12 years old when people around her said ‘Oh God, why is your butt so big?’ Like comments and questions were started. Ileana said that as long as there were no such comments, he used to think his body was normal like the others. She became insured about herself due to body shaming. This left deep wounds in his heart.

Ileana D’Cruz said that all this had a lot of negative impact on her, but there came a time when she felt that she kept saying what she wanted to say, because she likes what she is. The actress said that to overcome this kind of situation, one needs to have the courage to increase the positivity and accept oneself. Once this is done, then someone keeps saying anything, it stops making a difference.

This is just a matter of Ileana, but even today girls have to face judgmental attitude regarding their body and looks. Their color, face, height, obesity, leanness, hair, etc. are not omitted. This is also seen when a girl is going to see an arranged marriage. Often in such a case, the girl is tested as something.

To deal with body shaming, first of all, develop confidence in yourself, just like Ileana. Once someone falls in love with himself, then one cannot lower his confidence level in any way. According to Assistant Professor Emily Santos at the University of Louisiana, if a person who tries to body sham you is your friend, relative or family member, then openly speak in front of them and tell them how their comments hurt you Huh.

If you have spoken openly and yet any of your friend groups, acquaintances or relatives continue to have comments and questions related to body shaming, then there is no harm in distanceing them. Because if the person in front really cares for you, then he will not make such comments that will hurt you and if he is keeping this continuity, then it shows that he does not appreciate your emotions.

If someone is falling victim to body shaming, then family and friends can play an important role in protecting or dealing with negative thoughts. From the very beginning in the family, efforts should be made to develop thoughts of body positivity in children. Despite the comments of others, they should be reminded again and again that they are the best as they are. Friends can do the same thing. What the peer group thinks has a greater impact on the youth. In such a situation, if they praise their friend facing body shaming and boost their morals, then it will be very helpful.


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