How to Teardown Western Digital My Cloud Home NAS Drive


How to Teardown Western Digital My Cloud Home NAS Drive
So you have a problem with your western digital my home cloud and you want to remove the hard drive from the enclosure?
I will show you how to shuck or teardown western digital my home cloud without damaging the enclosure.

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  1. Irrelevant to the video, just wanted to say thank you for your content. One of your older videos really helped me solve a problem and I accidentally found your channel. Subscribed from now on. Keep up and stay safe and productive.

  2. Hi mate. Good video. I’ve been looking at buying a home NAS for some time. These come up on Amazon but some of the reviews are awful?! What’s your honest opinion on them? I don’t need it as a Plex server but more as a home backup device. I understand when it comes to writing the data to the second drive the performance nose dives and also has issues working with backup software? In your opinion is it worth investing nearly £600 in one? I’ll need the 20TB option. Thanks

  3. Is there a way to make these WD MyBook (not MyCloud) drives faster. I have several (4) and they are dreadfully slooooow and wake up times are long too.

  4. Great video. Would be amazing if you could post one on recovering data. I've had one fail 2 years ago with 6tb of family pics and vids and had given up hope as MY data is now encrypted with their sh*tty software!


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