How To Level Up Fast In COD Mobile? Tips On COD Mobile Fastest Way To Level Up Guns


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How To Level Up Fast In COD Mobile Season 4?

COD Mobile is a multiplayer game where players can choose to play ranked or non-ranked matches. It has two types of in-game currencies: “Credits”, which are earned by playing the game, and “COD Points”, which can be purchased with real money. The game can be played without real money, but some exclusive character and weapon skins can only be bought with COD Points. In the game, a private room for both the multiplayer and battle royale modes can be accessed where players can invite and battle with their in-game friends. The COD Mobile Season 4 has arrived and fans are curious to know how to level up fast.

COD Mobile Fastest Way To Level Up Guns

1. Use Weapons Skins with XP Bonuses

Some weapons have skins that reward with XP bonuses when used. These weapons can be purchased from the shop and will increase the XP after every match.

2. Play With a Clan

By playing in a clan, you can earn extra XP after every match. You have to only create a clan for yourself and invite friends and others to join. You’ll earn extra XP after matches for clan rewards.

3. Win to earn more XP

To maximise your XP bonuses, you need to win more games.

4. Play objective game modes

By playing objective game modes, the games will last longer. This will earn more XP than a shorter game. Also, by playing around objectives, you will get bonus XP for capturing, defending and attacking others.

5. Kill Opponents

You can earn more XP by killing your opponents. You have to engage in fights to kill your enemies.

6. Complete challenges

By completing challenges, you will granted bonus XP. If you complete gun challenges and objective challenges, you can earn a bonus XP.

When Did COD Mobile Season 5 Start?

COD Mobile season 5 started on June 28, 2021. The new season officially started at 5 pm PDT. It started on June 29 for those to the west of the US. Season 5 will be called In Deep Water and will see the return of Ghost as part of the theme.

Level Up Fast In COD Mobile Season 4


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