How to Download Official Windows 11 ISO


Finally Microsoft release the official Windows 11 ISO for you to download directly from Microsoft servers. This is the proper way to download Windows 11 today 20/08/2021. When Microsoft officially release the final version of Windows 11. The way you download it will change. As of right now, you have to be in the Windows Insider Program to get the official Windows 11 Dev or Windows 11 Beta. I will show you step by step on how to download official Windows 11 ISO.

How to Get a Windows 11 ISO File

Check PC Compatibility for Windows 11

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  1. To download windows 11 official release, I am to be at Windows Insider Preview Downloads page.. In this page I will have option to choose one : Dev or Beta.
    But how I will identify the OFFICIAL VERSION to be released on 5 OCT.? The way we download Windows 10 will not remain valid for windows 11!! I look forward to your kind response very soon.

  2. First, thanks for your informative videos. Your content is excellent. One comment on the rather restrictive Win 11 upgrade requirements. MS must be crazy to think that everyone is just going to throw away their PC's for a new OS. Yes, I understand about security and all that, but that's why we have Norton, McAfee, etc. Of course, those are not MS products. What MS should, really MUST do is dial down those SW/HW security functions as "options", rather than requirements. In a corporate environment, I can see the need for tight security (and their big budgets for replacing PC's all the time), but for the rest of us, we'd just like a stable OS that just works, like Win7-64 Pro (lol), which was ultra stable.

  3. ASUS has upgraded the bios for their motherboards that were not windows 11 compatible. I have a TUF x299 mark 2 and it was not working with windows 11. I downloaded the new bios, flashed it and did nothing else. I went to windows downloader and was able to download and install windows 11 successfully. hopefully other motherboard vendors will do the same..Thanx for the excellent support ASUS.

  4. To REMOVE PIN. . .
    with this function you lose everything that has any system since the files can no longer enter the system you have to remove this function a lot of complaints because of this function that you have to log in with the email and password you rent with the email and password then you can't use Windows anymore or
    Microsoft has to remove this function

    add new function to log in with gmail with gmail account and password
    millions of complaints

  5. I downloaded it while it was available. This morning, I decided to try it on my i5 7th gen laptop. The Windows Insider would not let me join, because it said the hardware was not compatible. I booted with the iso and figured I would have to hack the registry to get past the cpu check. To my surprise, it never stopped and simply installed it. I really expected it to fail at the processor check.

    Does this mean that they are going to allow 7th gen processors? I don't know. I just wanted to give a heads up.


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