How to Boost WiFi Speeds In 5 Steps


How to Boost WiFi Speeds In 5 Steps

today we will make 5 changes to get faster WiFi in Windows 10, we will take a look at how to get fast internet speed on your WiFi connection on windows 10 by optimizing and tweaking WiFi Settings.

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  1. Any tips on router settings? My pc is hard wired to my cable modem but my tablets and laptop connect over my wifi network which is a 300 mbps router which is also hard wired to my cable modem. All of my devices test out to about 10 mbps on speed tests. I tried setting up my router 3 times using the default settings. It is a TP-link 300 mbps router which should do about 150 download on the wifi and I am no where near that. (My cable connection provides my pc with 250 mbps speeds) I live in a small apt. and the router will reach all the way out to the main road so distance is not a problem as I use my tablets/laptop within about 12 feet of the router. I will check to see if you made any videos about this. Thanks.

  2. Hi and thank you for this video. I cannot find the power management option you discuss (Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power). Therefore I get the feeling I cannot turn it off. We have an issue with my wife trying to log into the wifi. It takes forever despite the fact the computer is in a straight line with the router (no interference and 20 feet away) whereas if she is in her office straight above the router but throught a floor and office desk (7 feet distance) she gets almost instant connection.

  3. britec09 you sexy beast…you fixed my pc not shutting down the power would stay on and i had to hold the power button down for it to shut down, about 4 years this has been pissing me off and your last video fixed the problem thank you.

  4. Thank you !
    But I dont see Intel Wireless, instead – Qualcomm Atheros. Also, only 3 options I can see under Advanced, none of those what you have shown.

    I think I better dont do anything, as Im currently fine with the speed.


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