Free Housefull 4 Full Hindi Movie 1080P 2.4GB

Free Housefull 4 Full Hindi Movie 1080P 2.4GB

Housefull 4 Full Hindi Movie is now available. It was uploaded by the RG Entertainment youtube channel. Hindi Movie Housefull 4 was released on 25 October 2019. 142 minutes long movie is made on Comedy Genre.

Housefull movie has been shown on about 4 thousand screens.

First Day Collection of Housefull 4

The movie collected about INR 17,53,00,000 on the first day of its release on box office.

Housefull 4 Full Hindi Movie

The Indian Language Comedy Movie Housefull 4 is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Farhad Samji is the director of the movie. Also, the movie stars Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh, Bobby Deol, Kriti Sanon, Pooja Hegde, and Kriti Kharbanda.

The movie collected more than approx INR 279 Crores in the box office. The budget of the movie Housefull 4 is INR 75 Crores.

Hindi Movie Housefull 4 Casts

Here is the details of casts and their roles in the movie

Akshay Kumar – Harry / Rajkumar Bala

Riteish Deshmukh – Roy / Bangdu Maharaj

Bobby Deol – Max / Dharamputra

Kriti Sanon – Kriti / Rajkumari Madhu

Pooja Hegde – Pooja / Rajkumar Mala

Kriti Kharbanda – Neha / Rajkumari Meena

Chunky Pandey – Aakhri Pasta / Pehla Pasta

Rana Daggubati – Pappu Rangeela / Gama

Johny Lever – Winston Churchgate

Jamie Lever – Giggly

Nawazuddin Siddiqui – Ramsey Baba

Archana Puran Singh – Harry, Roy and Max’s Mother – Photo Only

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Shakti Kapoor – Harry, Roy and Max’s Father – Photo Only

Housefull 4 Movie Songs

The movie has 5 songs. They are listed below:

  1. Ek Chumma
  2. Shaitan Ka Saala
  3. The Bhoot Song
  4. Chammo
  5. Badla

Harry (Akshay Kumar) gets flashbacks about his previous life, he does not know yet what the flashbacks are about.

He tends to forget things for a minute, if a loud sound is made. He runs a barber shop in London with his 2 brothers, Roy (Riteish Deshmukh) and Max (Bobby Deol).

The 3 brothers owe money to Michael Bhai (Sharad Kelkar). Big Bhai (Manoj Pahwa) scares the 3 brothers and gives them a warning, if the money isn’t paid.

The 3 brothers are dating 3 sisters. Harry is dating Pooja (Pooja Hegde), Roy is dating Neha (Kriti Kharbanda) and Max is dating Kriti (Kriti Sanon).

The 3 sisters are daughters of Thakral (Ranjeet), a rich Indian in London. One day, the 3 sisters discuss about their wedding destination.

Thakral makes an ‘ancestral’ globe decide, it has an arrow and the place the arrow points at will be the destination.

Despite rotating the globe a couple of times, the arrow points at Sitamgarh in India. The 3 couples and Thakral go to Sitamgarh.

Sitamgarh Fort (it is now a hotel) has a manager called Winston Churchgate (Johnny Lever). A man called Aakhri Pasta (Chunky Pandey) works there as well.

Pasta talks about things that are similar to the flashbacks Harry gets.

After staying in Sitamgarh for some time, Harry gets a lot of flashbacks and decides to go to Pasta about this.

600 years ago Harry was Rajkumar Bala Dev Singh of Madhavgarh, a kingdom near Sitamgarh Kingdom.

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He gets banished from Madhavgarh from the King of Madhavgarh (Parikshit Sahni), as the King found out that Bala had an intention to kill him so that he can become King.

Aakhri Pasta was Pehla Pasta, Bala’s servant. Bala decides to go to Sitamgarh so that he can marry the oldest daughter of Maharaja Surya Singh of Sitamgarh (Thakral), Rajkumari Madhu (Kriti).

If Bala gets married to Madhu, he will become King of Sitamgarh and then he can take over Madhavgarh easily. At Sitamgarh, Bala impresses the King easily and eventually woos Madhu.

Sitamgarh’s royal bodyguard, Dharamputra (Max) is in love with Rajkumari Meena (Neha). Sitamgarh’s dance teacher, Bangdu Maharaj (Roy) is in love with Rajkumari Mala (Pooja).

Maharaja Surya makes preperations for the marriage of the 3 couples but Suryabhan (Michael Bhai) wants the marriage to stop so that he can become King of Sitamgarh, instead of Bala.

So Suryabhan goes to Gama (Rana Daggubati) so that Gama can kill Bala. Gama disagrees.

Suryabhan then kills Gama’s brother and then puts the blame on Bala.

Gama then attacks Sitamgarh for revenge and Bala, Bangdu and Dharamputra try their best to fight Gama’s army and defend Sitamgarh.

During the fight, the ceiling of the wedding ‘mandap’ falls on the 3 couples and Gama and they die.

In the present, Harry realises that him and his brothers are marrying the wrong person.

Harry should be marrying Kriti, Roy should be marrying Pooja and Max should be marrying Neha- so that the love that was in them 600 years ago can still continue.

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Harry tries his best to inform the 5 of them but that leads to arguments between Harry, his brothers and the 3 sisters.

His brothers eventually realise the mistake that they are doing, they get flashbacks as well. The 3 sisters do not know yet.

During a pre-wedding function, Pappu Rangeela (Gama) comes to perform.

The 3 brothers are scared as they know Pappu Rangeela was Gama and if Rangeela finds out about what happened 600 years ago, they will die.

Rangeela writes words such as ‘Badla’ (revenge) on walls, and the 3 brothers realise that he knows that he was Gama and he yet needs to complete his revenge.

On the wedding day, Rangeela tries to complete his revenge.

The 3 sisters are confused but as Gama is attacking them, the 3 sisters get flashbacks as well and they realise they are marrying the wrong person.

On the wedding day, Michael Bhai and Big Bhai arrive at the Fort as well.

Suddenly Kriti gets a flashback that before the ‘mandap’ fell on them, Suryabhan made the ‘mandap’ fall on everyone.

Rangeela also realises that Suryabhan was the one that killed his brother, not Bala. So Rangeela pushes Michael Bhai towards the ‘mandap’ and the ‘mandap’ falls on Michael as well.

All of the misunderstandings are cleared now, and the 3 couples marry their correct partners.


This was Housefull 4 Full Hindi MovieThe movie is officially uploaded on youtube by RG Entertainment.

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