Get Windows XP Look in Windows 11


Get Windows XP Look in Windows 11
So you miss Windows XP and want the look of Windows XP in Windows 11. Well you can and I will show you step by step.

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  1. Is it possible to make the task bar show actual boxes with text labels and uncombine them if have more then 1 same program open but keep the windows 11 look? Also any way to move the taskbar to other monitors quickly by dragging it?

  2. I have an app to make my task bar translucent and another app to put the apps ícons in task bar at the center. Will the apps still work after i update to Windows 11?

  3. Man, I was watching your 4 year old video of reinstalling windows without losing data
    I have a question does I my authentic window license will also survive that as I'm a nerd so please reply

  4. It's nice that you can do it. I won't, purely because XP takes me back to my first Dell laptop and it wasn't a terribly pleasant experience. However, now I know I can use Open Shell in Windows 11, it means that I can have my taskbar set up like I have it now. You do know that, if you click 'Show all settings' in the Open Shell settings, it opens up a load more options, like making the taskbar completely transparent and changing the opacity and colour of the start menu. I did also get some Windows 7 start menu buttons and I know I can use them in Open Shell. Thanks for sharing.


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