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Guizhong Genshin Impact

Be informed that developed and published by miHoYO, this game is a role-playing action video game. This game is free-to-play and connects a fantasy open-world setting. It uses online-only and multiplayer mode which allows about 4 players at a time. Using elemental magic, an action-dependent battle system is highlighted. For players to acquire new weapons, resources, and characters, Gacha game monetization is used. On September 28, 2020, this game was released for Android, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and iOS. Guizhong was Zhongli’s closest companion and the Goddess of Dust in Liyue, and she was a big element of Genshin Impact’s lore. Her tragic story is told in bits and pieces through item descriptions, and players learn of her amazing intelligence and mechanical skill, as well as her death during the Archon conflict. Guizhong has had a significant impact on the world of Genshin Impact as the developer of the Guizhong Ballista and the Memory of Dust, as well as being a major source of wisdom to Zhongli.

Who Was Guizhong In Genshin Impact?

Guizhong, the Goddess of Dust, presided over the Liyue region today known as Guili Plains. She was a loving and clever God who compensated for her lack of strength by creating a variety of puzzles and inventions to assist the people of Liyue. The Guizhong Ballista was made by her hand to protect her people from any threats that would seek to harm them, as was the Memory of Dust, which held all of her learning in one place. During this time, Guizhong and Zhongli met, while Zhongli was still known as Morax and wielded all of his might as the God of Geo. They worked together to help the people of Liyue grow crops and build dwellings, as well as to protect them from threats such as other Gods and demons. Guizhong even imparted her wisdom on Zhongli in the form of the Memory of Dust catalyst as part of an agreement between the two.

Guizhong Genshin Impact Character 

Tragically, a catastrophe happened during the Archon War, when the Gods of Teyvat strove and fought to determine who would rule the earth supreme. This fight occurred thousands of years before the events of the Genshin Impact, and the consequences of the conflict may still be seen in the game today. Guizhong joined forces with Zhongli to save her people, but she was killed in battle and perished in the Guili Plains amid the Glaze Lilies. After that, Zhongli and her people went south, establishing Liyue Harbor. Guizhong’s knowledge and strength continue to reverberate with the people of Liyue, and it was her influence on Zhongli that convinced him to care about humanity’s safety.

Guizhong- Genshin Impact

  • Sex- Female

  • Affiliation- Guili Assembly

  • Nation- Liyue

  • Titles- God of Dust, Ruler of the Realm of Clouds, Lord of Dust

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