Garchomp Pokemon Go, Moveset, Evolution, Where To Get Garchomp?


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Garchomp Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go introduces new Pokemon from time to time to keep the game interesting and exciting. There are around 900 different species of Pokemon and each of the Pokemon has unique characters. They also have their own shiny variant. Pokemon Go makes each of the Pokemon to be special by hyping up the release. There are many strong Pokemon in the game and one of the strongest in the gams is Garchomp. Check out this article to know more about the Garchomp Pokemon.


Garchomp is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon that has a maximum CP of 4479 and stamina of 239 in Pokemon Go. This is a Dragon and Ground-type Pokemon evolved from Gabite. It is weak towards Ice, Fairy and Dragon-type moves. The strongest moves of this Pokemon is Dragon Tail & Outrage. The fine scales minimise wind resistance and the sharp edges often damage anyone who attacks it. It is found in the Sinnoh region.

Garchomp Evolution

Garchomp is evolved from Gible. Gible is evolved into Gabite by feeding 25 candy and Gabite is evolved into Garchomp by feeding 100 candy. Garchomp is the last one in evolution.

Garchomp Movesets

The best Movesets of Garchomp are:

  • Dragon Tail + Outrage – 18.95 DPS

  • Dragon Tail + Earthquake – 17.01 DPS

  • Mud Shot + Outrage – 16.62 DPS

  • Mud Shot + Earthquake – 15.60 DPS

  • Dragon Tail + Fire Blast – 15.20 DPS

  • Mud Shot + Fire Blast – 13.26 DPS

  • Dragon Tail + Sand Tomb – 12.98 DPS

  • Mud Shot + Sand Tomb – 12.19 DPS

Garchomp Overview

Garchomp Overview

Pokemon Type Dragon and Ground-type
Vulnerable to Dragon, Fairy, and Ice
Resistant to Electric, Fire, Poison, and, Rock
Max CP 4479
Attack 261
Defence 193
Stamina 239
Moves Dragon Tail and Outrage
Evolution Gible (25 candy) – Gabite (100 candy) Garchomp
Location Sinnoh region

How To Get Shiny Garchomp?

At the moment there is no shiny Garchomp available. It can be expected in the upcoming Pokemon Go events or in the spotlight hours. But shiny Gible will be available in the Community Day event which is coming soon as announced by Niantic. There is a chance to get shiny Garchomp by evolving shiny Gible during the Community Day event.

Garchomp Battle Pokemon Go


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