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Mobs in Minecraft

Mobs are NPCs that function as NPCs in Minecraft. Their behaviour traits can be classified into three categories, they are, passive, neutral and hostile. But sometimes this can change since they react to certain actions. For eg, panda’s are a mob that can turn hostile if they feel threatened. Some mobs drop items and experience points when they are killed and experienced and ‘boss’ level mobs drop rarer and higher-quality items when they are killed along with more exp.

All Mobs in Minecraft

A mentioned earlier there are different type of mobs in Minecraft. While some are are hostile others remain passive. There are a few mobs that can even trade items with players. Listed below are all the types of mobs in Minecraft,

  • Passive Mobs

  • Neutral Mobs

  • Hostile Mobs

  • Other Mobs

While these are the general categories of mobs, each category has different types of mobs with distinct characteristics. Read on to learn more about them.

Passive Minecraft Mobs

Passive mobs are harmless and always look to escape if attacked. They also provide players with loads of useful items. For eg, sheep can provide players with wool if you happen to have a pair of shears. Some mobs can also be tamed to become utility mobs that can even protect players from hostile mobs. These mobs also have the ability to breed so you can have your own herd if you look after them. Listed below are all the Passive Minecraft Mobs,

  • Sheep

  • Cow

  • Fox

  • Bat

  • Chicken

  • Cod

  • Ocelot

  • Pig

  • Baby piglin

  • Baby polar bear

  • Snow golem

  • Rabbit

  • Salmon

  • Mooshroom

  • Squid

  • Strider

  • Tropical fish

  • Turtle

  • Villager

  • Wandering trader

  • Pufferfish

  • Axolotl

  • Glow Squid

Neutral Minecraft Mobs

As the name suggests, this particular type of mob remains neutral towards players. But if provoked they can turn deadly. Sometimes they even target other mobs if they feel threatened. For eg, untamed wolves can attack your flock of sheep and other animals like rabbits, baby turtles, etc. The majority of these hostile mobs become hostile only when attacked first but some might attack even without provocation. So it is best to keep your distance from them. Listed below are all the Neutral Minecraft mobs,

  • Dolphin

  • Polar bear

  • Trader llama

  • Llama

  • Panda

  • Wolf

  • Bee

  • Iron golem

  • Goat

Hostile Mobs

Hostile Mobs are the ones you have to look out for in Minecraft. They are extremely hostile and will attack as soon as they spot you. So it is best to stay as far away as possible from them. Some mobs can even spot you from 100 blocks away. Added to this, there are flying mobs that can spawn overhead and attack you from out of nowhere. Listed below are all the Hostile mobs in Minecraft,

  • Evoker

  • Vindicator

  • Pillager

  • Ravager

  • Ravager Jockey

  • Vex

  • Chicken Jockey

  • Endermite

  • Guardian

  • Elder Guardian

  • Shulker

  • Skeleton Horseman

  • Husk

  • Stray

  • Phantom

  • Blaze

  • Creeper

  • Ghast

  • Magma Cube

  • Silverfish

  • Skeleton

  • Slime

  • Spider Jockey

  • Zombie

  • Zombie Villager

  • Drowned

  • Wither Skeleton

  • Witch

  • Hoglin

  • Zoglin

  • Piglin Brute

Boss Mob in Minecraft

Though they can’t exactly be called mob since they do not spawn in large numbers, these are still some unique NPCs in the game. There are two of them, one is the Ender Dragon and the other is the Minecraft wither. Both of them have a greater range of detection and huge health bars. Killing them is necessary to access certain Biomes and acquire specific material. They also don’t spawn randomly and can be found in specific locations. 

Behaviour of Mobs in Minecraft

Mobs behave like real living beings. They are affected by the environment as much as players and are subject to the laws of Physics as well. For eg, high falls can kill certain mobs but at the same time, some mobs are resistant or completely immune to certain effects. For Eg, Nether mobs are immune to fire. When attacked, passive mobs scatter in random directions and run while hostile or neutral mobs will group together and take on the attacker. Some mobs can even ride minecarts and climb ladders. All mobs turn in to dust when killed and drop certain items and raw materials.

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