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Elite Dangerous Patch Notes

Elite Dangerous the space flight simulation game developed by  Frontier Developments came up with a new game expansion Elite Dangerous Odyssey The commencement of the new game has been a big boon to the gamers who have been enjoying this new expansion. The developers have not stopped with just a new update; they also regularly release Elite Dangerous Patch Notes like the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes which was recently released. Gamers have been wondering what entails the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes

Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes

Like most of the Elite Dangerous Patch Notes, the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes comes with a wide range of Elite Dangerous updates and bug fixes that is aimed at improving the experience of the gamer. What are the Elite Dangerous updates that were released as a part of Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes. The Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes was one patch note that had huge fixes In fact it was a minor revamp of the game itself. Let us look at what these Elite Dangerous updates are in the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes

Elite Dangerous Updates In Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes

Below are the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes and the major Elite Dangerous Updates  as part of this Elite Dangerous Patch Note. Once the major Elite Dangerous Updates are listed each one would be discussed in detail

  • New additions in the form of Shared Missions

  • Implemented updates of Outfitting UI flow 

  • Updates in all ship cockpit lighting has been.

  • Rebalanced Neutron star brightness

  • Leniency added to AI crime scanning in its behaviour 

  • An increase in the chance of finding rare materials at fumaroles

  • Improved Terrain fidelity on legacy settlements and planet ports.

Let us now look at each of these Elite Dangerous updates in Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes briefly

New additions in the form of Shared Missions

  • A number of new missions added in Odyssey which can be shared with your teammates.

  • Players can avail this share via a ‘share’ button which can be found on any Odyssey mission transaction panel entry.

  • Players on clicking the ‘share’ button will be able to share that mission with all current teammates.

  • There is the option to either accept or decline this invitation for the Teammates.

  • If a shared mission is accepted, they will be able to see and access the mission’s contents in their transaction panel 

  • Shared mission rewards have different set of rules when compared to the regular missions

  • If items are extracted by teammates during a shared mission they will be moved to the mission owner’s inventory 

Fixes In AI

  • Fixed a Bug where AI becomes stuck when navigating to one other conversations.

  • Fixed a bug where there were issues with helmet 

  • Fixed a bug where there were issues with jet pack 

  • Fixed a bug where AI did not spawn at higher difficulty levels.

  • Fixed a bug where multiple AI picked the same patrol routes.

  • Updated AI patrol routes 

  • Fixed a bug where multiple AI assign bounties 

  • Improved the AI investigation behaviour 

  • Fixed a few other bugs

Additional Sound Fixes

  • Fixed the sound of the conflict zone battle stats UI screen pop up.

  • Improvements made on the conflict zone UI sounds.

  • Fixed metal surface footsteps 

  • Reduced volume of a very loud industrial tank 

  • Fixed station menu ambiences 

  • Various fixes made to grenade bounces.

  • Fixed a few of the system map ambiences 

  • Fixed the plasma flyby sounds 

  • Fixed the planetary ambiences 

  • Fixed the first shot of a burst of automatic weapon fire sound

  • Fixed passenger cabin allocation UI sound 

  • Fixed the sound of the lights 

  • Improvements made to the audio for menu boot 

  • Fixed Conflict Zone UI sounds 

Following are some of the major areas where fixes have been made in the Elite Dangerous Odyssey Update 5 Patch Notes

  • Character

  • Codex

  • Conflict Zones

  • Crashes/Stability

  • Crime

  • Engineers

  • Factions

  • Fleet Carriers

  • Interactions

  • Lighting and VFX

  • Organics

  • Optimisation

  • Ships


  • General improvements

  • All Odyssey missions received an update 

  • Improved accuracy of mission 

  • Fixed a bug with Raid missions issues

  • Fixed a bug  where issues with players being granted mission 

  • Fixed a bug  where issues with non-violent Sabotage missions 

  • Fixed a bug  where Shutdown missions targeting settlements issues


  • Fixed space conflict zones 

  • Various fixes made for teams and multicrew 

  • Fixed a bug with Thargoids not progressing 

  • Fixed a bug combat bond vouchers issues

  • Fixed a bug with a rare issue 

  • Improvements in Various performance and reliability.

Settlements (new for Odyssey)

  • Fixed a bug where floating AI at certain animation points within Large Agricultural Building and Medium Command Building.

  • Fixed a bug where AI intersecting containers when scanning them.

  • Fixed the walk up main path of the buggy pad at a small tourism settlement.

  • Improved positions of consoles 

  • Fixed a bug with the position of the exploding barrel in a small storage building.

  • Fixed a bug with the potential situation 

  • Fixed a bug with floating corpses 

  • Fixed a bug with missing hitcheck 

  • Improved box/crate LODs.

  • Fixed a bug with LOD transition 

  • Box moved from a specific Settlement location to prevent players from being able to get stuck behind it.

  • Fixed a bug with Goliaths 

  • Corrected alignment of some stairwell geometry to fix incorrect culling when stood at certain angles.

Fixes to ship colouration and appearance:

Changes Made to The Following aspects Of UI


  • Fixed a bug The outfitting UI now opens at the ship loadout screen.

  • Fixed a bug Added a Stored Modules button in the loadout screen.

  • Fixed a bug Fixed a bug where some stats data could be accessed before it is ready.

  • Fixed a bug A warning is now displayed if a replaced module is to be sold in outfitting, if it’s a Guardian module or is engineered.

  • Fixed a bug The store/sell previous module toggle now defaults to “store”.

  • Fixed a bug Installed modules are no longer included in the outfitting inventory.

  • Fixed a bug Pop-up no longer displayed when storing any existing module to your ship (Pop-up will show if warning about transferring clean modules to a ship with questionable legality)

  • Fixed a bug The state of the store/sell replaced modules toggle in the outfitting UI is now stored. The value isn’t saved, it just persists for the current session.

  • Fixed a bug If a slot is selected for which there is only one category of shop items which are equippable, you can now skip the shop categories screen and go directly to the browser screen (e.g. core modules)

  • Fixed a bug Moved store multiple buttons in stored modules screen to above back button.

  • Fixed a bug Removed “largest module size” indicator from category buttons.

  • Fixed a bug Replaced dots indicating module size in shop items with numbers.

  • Fixed a bug When the loadout slots screen is opened after selecting a stored module, groups are disabled if there are no compatible slots.

  • Fixed a bug A group is now selected based on the category from the selected item (except for Fuel Tanks which can be both core & optional)

  • Fixed a bug Fixed a bug where uninitialised filters in the outfitting data store.

  • Fixed a bug Added insurance cost to outfitting ship stats.

  • Fixed a bug Tooltip now shrinks to fit the available space.

  • Fixed a bug Hardpoint icons display (fixed, turret, gimballed) in the slot info displayed on the shop screens and transaction pop-up.

  • Fixed a bug The owned item count for categories in the outfitting data store now only includes stored modules, not installed ones.


  • Fixed a bug Locally stored modules in the outfitting UI are now displayed with “Free transfer / stored here” and a “transfer” time of 0 minutes.

  • Fixed a bug Fixed a bug where shop items not having a selection sound.

  • Surface Settlements now display the type they are in the POI list and when selected in the Planetary Map.

  • Updated mouse input in the System Map to match the Galaxy Map (click once to select the location, click again to focus the map to it).

  • When adding a bookmark, the default edit entry will contain the name of location when selected.

  • On-Foot/Odyssey missions will now display a coloured threat indicator.

  • Modified the texture and model for the MapUI Item Details, to prevent truncation for localised strings or when there is a long list of bindings.

  • The bookmarks panel in the System Map has been renamed to “Local Bookmarks”.

  • When entering the Planetary Map, the Active Mission list will now only display missions located on that planet.

  • Fixed a bug where Russian localisation issue in the commodities drop down box.

  • Pressing Down input will now focus on the Exit/Back button.

  • Fixed a bug where tooltips occasionally disappearing when toggling panels on the RHS.

  • The LHS, when in Conflict Zone mode, will now always be at full opacity.

  • Fixed a bug where a bug when using the quick plot to a wing mission.

  • Community Feedback – Added a new item renderer to display if the player is wanted in the location details panel.

  • Fixed a bug where localised strings getting truncated in the Apex Shuttle Panel.

  • The Quick Action for shuttle booking now uses the focused object instead of selected object.


  • The cockpit shields now show the percentage value as a string.

  • Updated rank iconography for Elite 1,2,3,4 and 5 prestige ranks.

  • Added an icon for Odyssey Settlements in the Nav Panel.

  • Added location type icons to location filter popup in Nav Panel.

  • Changed default focus of Nav Panel to first location in the list.

  • Comms Panel “Mini mode” now locks all tabs apart from the chat and makes sure the correct chat category is selected.

  • Fixed a bug where the 10% loan repayment label and update remaining balance issues.

  • Fixed a bug where some UI issues in the Fleet Carrier Balance Transfer menu.

  • Added additional information to the rebuy screen to clarify the cause in instances where you can’t afford to do so.

  • Removed the rebuy/insurance fields from the internal panel for crew members as it is not a cost for them to pay.

  • Fixed a bug where an untranslated string in the resurrection report.

Station Services

  • Fixed a bug where Station Contacts background icon.

  • Updated the “Colony” station header art.

  • Various layout fixes including resized ship schematic.

  • Local News button now has “No Local News” state and detention facility is aligned

  • Update to Anonymous Access, replacing Commander name with “Anonymous User” when in “anon access” and updating the “StationStatusWidget” to say “Anonymous Access” rather than “Jammer Active”.

  • Added in an icon to show available services when in anonymous access.

  • Corner icons sizes increased and made more legible.

  • Update made to engineers header.

  • Made the engineer specialisation string support two lines.

  • Fixed a bug where the engineer banner not showing correctly when the station menu was found to be an engineer.

  • Fixed a bug where incorrect corner icons showing up.

  • Fire icon now displayed in damaged stations.

  • Improved legibility of the button subtitle lines.

  • Updated the layout to make the ship services buttons fill any empty spaces for special instances, such as engineer station.

  • Fixed a bug where the issue of holding down the arrow keys to change limpet buy / sell quantity, triggering SFX to play indefinitely.

  • Fixed a bug where there is a default focusing issue in advanced maintenance.

  • Added percentage values to the modules damage in advanced maintenance.

  • Fixed a bug where when attempting to book a shuttle, the mission board would flash up and then push you back out of the interaction.

  • Immediately following booking a shuttle the UI no longer defaults to cancel, to prevent accidentally undoing actions.

  • Added icons for every starport service status (and descriptions), so that when content isn’t available it is clearer why.

  • Fixed a bug where some contacts displayed the incorrect icon.

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