Dragon City Cheat How to Cheat in Dragon City?


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Dragon City Cheat

Dragon City is one of the most popular games on Facebook as well as on mobile devices. You nurture dragons and establish a metropolis on a floating island in Dragon City. The Dragon City Cheat can be used by the players to get rewards in the game. Here in this article, we have provided the information on Dragon City Cheat and How to Cheat in Dragon City. Players can earn one-time Gems by just enrolling for Dragon City’s various social media channels. There are more ways to make use of Dragon City’s social media pages to help you get even more rewards.

Dragon City Gems

Each day you log into Dragon City, you will receive a reward especially if you log in on a daily basis. You might get gold by logging in on some days. You might get food on other days. You get a free gem every now and then. To see what you get each day you log in and how many days you need to log in consecutively to earn a gem, tap the symbol that looks like a calendar to the left.

Competing in tournaments with other players is another method to gain free gems. During combat, you must choose a dragon or a group of dragons to face off against another player. To get a prize, you must win a certain amount of matches.

How to Cheat in Dragon City?

Gems are a unique type of in-game currency that is tough to get. You must accomplish numerous tasks in order to earn a modest number of Gems. As you go through the game, you will receive a limited number of Gems as a reward. You can earn one-time Gems by following the game’s social media profiles. Players can also buy Gems with real money or use Dragon Ci to generate a limitless amount of Gems.

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