Computer Fundamental MCQs


Computer Fundamental MCQs Set 1

1A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form is

a. Keyboard

b. Plotter

c. Scanner

D. None of them

Ans – c) Scanner

2What is the smallest unit of the information?

a. A bit

b. A Byte

c. A MB

d. A Nibble

Ans – a) A bit

3Which of the following is an input device?

a. Plotter

b. Printer

c. VDU

d. Mouse

Ans – d) Mouse

4Which of the following is the extension of Notepad?

a. .txt

b. .note

c. .pd

d. .doc

Ans – a) .txt

5Which of the following is not considered as hardware?

a. Operating System

b. CPU

c. Keyboard

d. Hard Disk

Ans – a) Operating System

Operating system is a software which provides an interface for the user to interact with computer.

6Which of the following numbers is a binary number?

a. 1 and 2

b. 0 and 1

c. 2 and 0

d. 9 and 0

Ans – b) 0 and 1

7WWW stands for ?

a. Whole World Web

b. World Wide Web

c. Wide World Web

d. Wide Web World

Ans – b. World Wide Web

WWW Stands for World Wide Web

8Full form of URL is?

a. Uniform Reload List

b. Uniform Resource Locator

c. Universal Resource List

d. Unified Resource Link

Ans – b. Uniform Resource Locator

The full form of URL is Uniform Resource Locator

9Verification is a process of ?

a. Access

b. Login

c. Authentication

d. Log out

Ans – c. Authentication

Verification is a process of Authentication.

10What is LINUX?

a. Antivirus

b. Malware

c. Operating System

d. Firmware

Ans – c. Operating System

LINUX is an Operating System.

11Which if the following is the secondary storage devide?

a. Hard Disk

b. RAM

c. CPU

d. Motherboard

Ans – a. Hard Disk

Hard Disk is a secondary storage device.


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