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Kpop Groups Disbandment 

Kpop is one of the most celebrated forms of music in the world today that is at top in the trending list. One aspect of Kpop aside from the music that pulls in the audience is the Kpop bands and the members of the Kpop band. These Kpop bands have huge fan followers who even name themselves based on the Kpop band which they are following. There are even fans of Kpop who are fans because they like a particular band. Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 is a question that these fans always wonder about to know if their Kpop band is also disbanding that particular year. It seems that the year 2021 has a number of Kpop bands that are lined up for disbandment making many wonder Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021. Since the actual dates of disbandment for the Kpop groups has not been revealed it can only be assumed that the answer to Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 and What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 are just the Kpop bands that might disband this year.

Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021?

The date for Kpop band disbandment is usually based on their contract with their managing organisations like SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment. When the contract with these managers ends the Kpop band will disband unless they renew the contract and continue working. Sometimes they end the contract and sign up a new contract with another manager and continue without disbanding. Only if we know Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 will we know if they are renewing their contract or actually disbanding. This is one of the many reasons why fans of Kpop wonder Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021. But there are many reasons as to why the fans look for What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 one of which being the fact that they do not want to see their favourite Kpop band disbanding. Whatever the reason is What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 and Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 is a frequently asked question.

What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021?

Generally the contract that the Kpop has with their managers are valid for 7 years and at the end of the 7 year term the contract terminates and the band disbands. This need not be true in all the cases but this is the general course of action. It is on this basis that the answer to What Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021 is formed. Given below are some of the Kpop groups that might disband in 2021 because they formed their contract with their respective manager in 2014 and 2021 completes 7 years. We do not know for sure Which Kpop Groups Are Disbanding In 2021. But the list below is just an expected list of the same.  


GOT7 is one of the first Kpop bands that disbanded in 2021. They were disbanded in January 2021. There were a few controversies regarding whether they actually disbanded or if they were still pondering over renewing their contract. But they posted on their Twitter account that they officially disbanded in January 2021.


LABOUM gave their debut performance in 2014 under NH Media and Nega Network’s joint venture Global H Media. This is yet another Kpop band that is scheduled to renew their contract this year. But they have not yet released any concrete information regarding how things will be whether they renew the contract or go their separate ways after disbanding the group.

Red Velvet

Red Velvet debuted in 2014 with SM Entertainment and have been active for 7 year and the Red Velvet disband date is expected to 2021 or in 2024. Since the Red Velvet disband date has not been officially made anywhere we can only assume that the answer to when is Red Velvet disbanding might be in 2021 if the 7 year contract terms are being followed by Red Velvet and SM Entertainment or if they would renew their contract and extend till 2024 in which case the disband date will be in 2024


MAMAMOO is a girl kpop group formed by RBW in June 2021. It is high time that they have renewed their contract, but there has been no solid information regarding the same. The members of MAMAMOO each have successful careers as Soloists who have performed as such. But the members have also talked about the renewal of the contract in positive terms. Thus it is quite unclear as to the direction of the path for the MAMAMOO. 


This Girl Kpop group formed by  Woollim Entertainment began their journey as Lovelyz in November 2014 and thus their contract is up for renewal in November 2021 but it is not known if they will stay together after their contract terminates and continue their journey or if they would disband and go in separate ways. As of now there is no information regarding their decision. 


This boy band formed by YG Entertainment was formed in 2013 and gave their official debut in 2014. If the general norms were considered this is the ideal year for them to disband. Their contracts are up for renewal in August 2021 and it is unknown whether they would renew their contracts or disband and become one of the bands that got disbanded in 2021. 


Unlike the usual wherein the contracts are drawn for 7 years the IZ*ONE contract for just 2 years. They are a girl Kpop group with Korean as well as Japanese members. They were formed by Mnet when they were competing in the show Produce 48. They began their journey in 2018 and were expected to fulfill a contract for 2 years. Honouring the contract they stayed together till 2021 and disbanded in April 2021.

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