Captain Bhawani – 1999 – Vijayashanti And Avinash Wadhavan – Full HD Hindi Dubbed Movie


Movie Name :- Captain Bhavani Dubbed From Bharat Ratna Telugu.
Synopsis :- Vijaya and gopi are pretty thieves. realizing their basic good nature,retired military officer major patronizes them,in the same state there is a minister called balu ram who is illegally supplying weapons to enemy and having close link with international terrorist ,Nawab khan.captain Bhawani becomes a thorn in their flesh by always obstructing their deals.A foreign delegation of representatives of developed countries comes to india discuss the problems on whether kashmir is a part of india.they get kidnapped by nawab khan(islamic militant).as their security has been entrusted to captain bhawani.she is generally suspected .on the occasion when she intercepts the supply of arms to foreign countries.she loses both her leg in the ensuing fight.totally crippled and helpless as she becomes ,her husband Shekhar(Inspector Vinod kumar) brings her lokk alike vijaya and replace her as military officer captain bhawani.vijayaworks as military officer and while observing the going on across the border locates the files relating to the location of foreign ambassadors and hands them over to captain bhawani.With this information Capt Bhawani locates the foreigners and with the help of vijaya,gopi and shekharrescues them..they are chased by nawab khans men.the government appreciatesher operation RED STAR and Announces BHARAT RATNA award for her services.




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