BTS’ ‘Butter’ at Euro 2020 not televised; BTS ARMY demand an apology and accuse organisers for using K-Pop band to get higher ratings


Euro 2020 came to a nail-biting finish at the Wembley stadium as Italy took on England and emerged as the winners.
But, for BTS ARMY, there seemed to be one thing more important than who picked the trophy. Fans of the K-Pop group tuned in and stayed up into the early hours of the morning just to watch their favourite band’s song, ‘Butter’ being played at the iconic Wembley stadium.

However, going by the reactions that came in on social media, ARMY were left fuming as they didn’t get to hear the smash hit single playing at the football championship. While some slammed the organisers for using the K-Pop stars’ popularity to rake in viewership, others gave them the benefit of the doubt and asked, ‘Did Butter play at Wembley?’

According to reports, ‘Butter’ was in fact played at the stadium, but the moment was not broadcast on television. Reports state that only those who were at the stadium heard the track play out loud on the audio system.


Taking to Twitter ARMY cried foul saying, “from the beginning we knew you only wanted ratings.”

Others quipped, “I thought the most important thing in this euro is #BTS_Butter playing at Wembley stadium.”

Many also said that they “wasted” their time watching the game between England and Italy only to listen to the song.

In a first, the K-Pop superstars beat the likes of Louis Tomlinson, Billie Eilish and Usher to win a fan-voted poll that assured the winning track will be played during the semi-final and final matches. According to a tweet put out by the official Euro 2020 Twitter handle, BTS’ Butter won with a total of 46.6% of the total votes that came in on social media.

The Korean band managed to take the top spot from Louis Tomlinson’s ‘Kill My Mind’, who came in as a close second with 43.8% of the votes. Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ came in third with 6.5% votes and Usher rounded off the fourth place with 3.1% of votes.

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