Antronixx Gs Free Fire ID, Lifetime Stats, K/D Ratio, UID Number, Name, and More!


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Antronixx G’s Free Fire ID

Free Fire is an action-adventure by Garena and was released in 2017. It is one of the leading games in recent times and there are a number of Free Fire content creators. The increased popularity of the game has made content creation and streaming a profitable career option for many gamers. Antronixx G is one of the most popular and prominent Free Fire content creators from Mexico. This popular content creator has gained huge popularity with his amazing gameplay and Free Fire content creation.

Antronixx G Free Fire Gameplay

Antronixx G Free Fire ID Number

Antronixx G Free Fire Lifetime Stats

Squad Matches

Duo Matches

  • Games – 1796 duo matches

  • Win – 323

  • Win percentage – 17.98%

  • K/D ratio – 3.95

  • Kills – 5823

Solo Matches

Antronixx G Free Fire Ranked Stats

Squad Matches

  • Games – 142

  • Win – 80 Booyahs

  • Win percentage – 56.33%

  • Frags – 498 frags

  • K/D ratio – 8.03

Duo Matches

  • Games – 107 duo matches

  • Win – 27 

  • Win rate – 25.23%.

  • Kills – 322

  • K/D ratio – 4.03

Solo Matches

  • Games – 300 solo games

  • Win – 49

  • Win percentage – 16.33%

  • Kills – 1041 kills

  • K/D ratio – 4.15

Antronixx G Free Fire YouTube Channel

  • YouTube channel began way back in April 2018.

  • Videos – more than 800 videos.

  • Views – more than 850 million views combined.

  • Click here to visit his channel.

Antronixx G Earnings

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