Anjaneya New Ajith Kumar Official Hindi Dubbed Movie Best Action Scene


Starring Ajith Kumar, Meera Jasmine, Raghuvaran, Seetha

About This Movie:
ACP Paramaguru (Ajith Kumar) is an efficient police officer who fights with the scum of the society. He later masquerades as a thief to infiltrate into the underworld. The bad guys are surprised to find that Paramguru is the ACP and is out to get them, so they all gang up against him. In this process, a thrilling encounter takes place between the good and the evil. Paramaguru is helped in his fight against injustice by Divya (Meera Jasmine), who falls in love with him.



  1. अब यू ट्यूब पर भी क्लेम करना होगा लिखा कुछ रहता है होता कुछ है ये बेकूफ़ बनाना सही नहीं है जल्दी ही इसमे क्लेम होगा

  2. दिल मेरा काबू में ना रहा ये अनजान हो गया, दिल हमारा ना जाने कब तुम्हारा हो गया, हम सोचते बस सोचते रह गए और तुमसे प्यार हो

  3. मोहब्बत का नतीजा,
    दुनिया में हमने बुरा देखा,
    जिन्हे दावा था वफ़ा का,
    उन्हें भी हमने बेवफा देखा.


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