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After winning the title of Miss India Earth in 2014, Alankrita Sahai decided to make a career in Bollywood and has come a long way since. She is bold, beautiful, talented, and determined to make it on her own. In an exclusive interview with ETimes, the gorgeous diva opened up about her initial days in showbiz, being an outsider in the industry, and people who have inspired her. Excerpts…

From being a supermodel to winning a beauty pageant to taking up acting…how do you look at your journey so far?
I look back at my journey with gratitude and hope that I keep progressing and becoming a better version of myself, both professionally and personally. I believe it was definitely a different path than what people had expected of me, but I found myself amidst the chaos in Mumbai and it was life-changing. I enjoyed both the successes and the failures.

There are a lot of stereotypes about models turning actresses. How was your transition?
It wasn’t easy at all. People perceive women in this industry in a very different light. I don’t understand why and who created these misconceptions. People had various things to say and do to stop me from growing but my family and my friends stood by me. It is a general perception that models are dumb or can’t act or perform, but we are much more than just models and actors, we are humans.

I was trained in dancing and acting since I was a kid, thanks to my school and university. However, to explore the camera was a different ball game altogether. So, I enjoyed learning the tricks of the trade. After pageants, people expect a lot from you; they think you will become an overnight success, which doesn’t happen. You have got to work on it.

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From amongst the many beauty queens-turned-actresses, who has inspired you the most and how?
Priyanka Chopra has inspired me. I don’t even need to say how and why she is the epitome of strength, perseverance, and ambition. Even Dia Mirza is great for all the work she does to save our planet and how simple and beautiful she’s been throughout her journey. It is just so easy to relate with her.

How has your experience been as an outsider in the industry?
A lot has been said about the industry and while some things are true, others are false. But I have had a blast here. The good came with the bad. There has been favouritism but no one dared to cross the line because I make sure I look really arrogant and unapologetic for being me; I have never succumbed to the bullies nor tried to impress people for work.

I am very honest with my work because I like to sleep peacefully at night knowing that I did this on my own, for myself and by myself. I have had a wonderful team always backing me and protecting me. So, I have been fortunate. Bollywood gave me an identity of my own, financial abundance, and independence and I am still trying to make it big here. The journey never ends.

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