Actress Aashka Goradia corona positive


Actress Aashka Goradia corona positive and her husband Brent Goble are in the grip of Corona, who recently made headlines by saying goodbye to acting. Both are currently in isolation at their home in Goa. Aashka has shared a post sharing the situation.

Actress Aashka Goradia corona positive

Shockingly, Actress Aashka Goradia and her husband Brent Goble (Brent Goble) have become corona positive after recently deciding to retire from acting. Aashka Goradia was leaving for her home in the US with her husband and so both got the Covid test done which came positive.

Actress Aashka Goradia corona positive

While Ashka and her husband Brent Goble do not have any symptoms, both are positive (Aashka Goradia Brent Goble corona positive) and are in isolation at their home in Goa. Aashka Goradia gave information about her and her husband being corona positive on social media. She wrote on her Instagram story (Aashka Goradia Instagram), ‘We were planning to go to our house in the US and get the corona tested. Both Brent and I have come positive.

We were about to leave from Goa in the morning when this news was received. Physically we are both fine, but the reports have to say something else. If positive, it means that it will take some time to recover from the virus. Thankfully, we are not feeling any symptoms due to healthy and active lifestyle. We are at our home in Goa and are safe. We are not in contact with anyone else. ‘

Aashka Goradia further appealed to the people not to take the corona lightly and take care of themselves. He wrote, ‘No matter how healthy you are, it does not matter because everyone is at risk of corona. This new strain of Corona is very dangerous. We were tested on Saturday and the reports came back negative. On Monday, I got the test done again thinking that it is completely pure and negative and there is no infection. I want to appeal to all the people that those who are infected with this virus, you should pray for them. We will be fine, but there are many more who are unable to recover. Let us pray that all of them also be cured. ‘

Let me tell you that the cases of corona are increasing four times day by day. Millions of cases are being reported every day. Apart from the common people, so far, many film and TV celebrities have been corona infected and many have lost their lives.


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