Aaj Ka Khiladi (Ninnu Kori) Latest Hindi Dubbed Movie 2020 || Nani, NivethaThomas, Aadhi Pinisetty


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Watch & Enjoy Aaj Ka Khiladi New Relesed Hindi Dubbed Movie Full Hd Movie Starring,Nani, Nivethathomas, Aadhi Pinisetty.
Uma(Nani) is a PHD student in Vizag who falls in love with Pallavi (Nivetha Thomas) & also Pallavi accepts his love. Both decide to get married only after Uma settles down in his career.Pallavi’s dad (Murali Sharma) suddenly fixes Pallavi’s marriage with Arun(Aadi). Left with no choice, both Uma and Pallavi are forced to break up and Pallavi marries Arun.How will Uma face this? Will he try to win his love all over again?

Movie: Aaj Ka Khiladi
Star cast: Nani, NivethaThomas, Aadhi Pinisetty
Directed by: Shiva Nirvana
Produced by: Umesh Gupta
Music by: Gopi Sunder

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  1. ये सोच सब गलत है असल मे तो प्यार को कभी भूल hi नहीं सकते है मरते दम तक और कभी खुश नहीं रहते जब भी दुखी होंगे तो जिसे प्यार करते है वो भी याद आएगा अच्छे 10 साल हो ya 20 साल ya 50 साल सारी उम्र निकल जाएगी लेकिन वो हमेशा आपके दर्द मे समाया रहेगा आपके सीने मे 😶

  2. When she get wellsettle boy she didn't think twice and got married then after many month she feel guilty fo what she did then she came for fake hamdardi
    such a selfish women


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